10 things to do before submitting your bike for service

10-things to do before submitting your bike for service

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Every vehicle needs service, and a well-maintained one always performs its best. Sometimes it happens that giving your bike for service leads to even more damage. 

It may be due to ill-trained mechanics or may be due to negligence. Always give a pre-service check-up to your bike and ensure all the damages that need repairing. 

10-things you should check before giving your bike for servicing.


Check for scratches and dents.


Before giving your bike for servicing, check scratches and dents. It’s always better to take a picture or video of your bike.

This step is necessary because sometimes amateur mechanics damage your vehicle’s body or seat fabric by improper technique. They use a pressure water washer to wash your bike. This pressure may cause dents or scratches over the body of your bike. Scratches can also cause due to improper polishing and bodywork.


Remove costly aftermarket products.


If you love restoration and have transformed your bike, then you should remove costly aftermarket products. This step is necessary because when you give your bike for service, you usually have no proof of what aftermarket product was available over your bike. Sometimes local garages remove these costly aftermarket products and will mislead you somehow. So to prevent yourself from this loss, remove all the costly detachable aftermarket products without exception.


Remove toolbox


Almost every two-wheeler comes with a toolbox or tool pouch. Always remember to remove your bike toolbox before submitting your bike for service. It might be possible that the local garages may take any of the tools.  Further, they will tell you that it wasn’t even there in the toolbox when you hand over your bike. So, to eliminate the possibility of this tense conversation, remove your bike’s toolbox.


Check the utility box or under-seat storage.


We store many important documents or other things in the utility box or under-seat storage. The mechanic may forget to check the storage boxes. In this case, while washing the motorcycle, all of your stuff will get wet and will be of no use to you. It might happen that when the mechanic checks the storage box and if they find something expensive, they might keep it. You might not even claim your things because you have no proof.

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Check fuel level


Always check the fuel level before submitting your bike for periodic service. If you have your bike fuel tank full while giving your bike for service, it might be possible that garage workers will use some of it for personal use. So, to remove this possibility, always check your fuel tank level.

Get a rough estimate.


Always ask your service provider for estimates. Tell him to inspect your bike and check for the issues and faults. Also, ask him for estimates and the rough number of parts that need replacement. Sometimes they will tell you about the replacement of motorcycle parts, which even need no replacement. In this case, ask yourself if you are having any issues or not. This step will save you time and money. Remember to do so only if you are sure that there is no issue with those parts.


Know your garage


Always find out the genuinity of your service center before the service. Check reviews on the web, and you may get some help from the reviews. Never go for the looks of the service center as quality services is your requirement.


Accessibility of garage


If you are looking for an unauthorized service center for your bike service, choose the one which is easily accessible to you. This step will help you have an eye over the work done, and it will increase the chances of quality work.

Your physical presence will also reduce the chances of any fraudulent practice. It will also eliminate the chances of your bike fuel usage for personal use by the mechanics.


Make a list of issues.


Always make a list of issues and problems that you are facing with your bike. It usually happens that you forgot about one or two of your car issues, and even it may go unnoticed from the mechanic’s eyes. This forgetfulness will lead you to another trip to the service center. This step will also save you from spending extra money on bike parts replacement in which you are not having any issues.

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These are the 10-things that you should do before you hand over your motorcycle for service to a service center.

Although the list is long enough and you might have a headache sorting them all. If you don’t want to go through all this, book a service at Mekvahan With real-time updates, transparent pricing, and the usage of 100% genuine spare parts, we can reduce your responsibility for your bike.

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