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All you need to know about different types of bike tires

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Motorcycle tires can be broken down into a wide array of categories depending upon the rider’s need. The design and manufacturing of every tire is different that helps them to perform well in varied circumstances. You can’t use a cruiser bike’s tire for a sports bike. Even if you do so, you will not be satisfied with the performance, and also you have to replace them frequently.

These tires are available in different designs as well as different sizes. Every motorcycle owner has to replace the bike tires and will face the situation where he solely depends upon the tire seller to choose the best one for his bike. So, this read will help you select a tire that is perfect for your bike and according to your terrain.

There are different ways to categorize bike tires. In this article, we will classify them according to their usage.


1. Cruiser tires


As you can guess from the name, these tires are suitable for cruiser motorcycles. These tires are perfect for long road journeys on highways and provide higher straight-line stability. 

Cruiser tires have a formulation that helps hold the weight of a heavy cruiser bike and the rider. These tires are made of tough compounds and have a combination of deeper tread depth. Cruiser tires provide more mileage and slighter wear over a long journey. Since the manufacturing of these tires is of tough compounds, they are heavier than most of the other types of tires. 

These tires have stiffer sidewalls that easily adjust to heavy weights. Cruiser tires provide good traction even in wet conditions. They have the sturdiest construction of all bike tires.


2. Touring tires


Touring tires have a design that helps them deliver better traction and more mileage. The manufacturing of touring tires is also of heavy compounds. These heavy compounds add to the tire weight that somewhat decreases its ability to better grip. They have a flatter design which provides these tires with considerable straight-line stability. The durable compounds used for their manufacturing also increase their range and lifespan. In terms of design, these tires have bias-ply construction. In this type of construction, wires or cords made out of polyester or fiberglass are placed radially in the tire rubber. These wires act as shock absorbers and absorb shock much efficiently. Like cruiser tires, touring tires also provide considerable traction even in wet weather.


3. Sport tires


As you can have an idea from the name itself, these tires have design and manufacturing that aids in the capabilities of a sports bike. Sport tires generally have a round shape and almost negligible sidewalls. Although, they are also available in flatter profiles for better stability.

Sport tires are a perfect fit for making sharp curves. They consist of soft compounds that make them lighter than most other tires. Their round shape provides more stability at sharp turns. They have very few tread patterns to ensure the proper amount of traction for sports bikes at turns.

They are designed for high speed and can bear high temperatures. Sports tire ensures high heat dissipation.


4. Off-Road tires


Well, these tires are perfect for off-roading. Off-road tires have deeper tread patterns that ensure better grip and traction. They have a design that helps them to perform exceptionally over soft surfaces. They have spokes of tread design and an angular sidewalk which provides greater surface area over soft terrains. With their knobby construction, they are a perfect fit for off-road usage. These tires can also bear high speed over soft terrains without losing their grip. Due to their sturdy design and construction, they are suitable only for off-road bikes.


5. Dual sport tires


Dual sports tires are also known as adventure tires. These tires are suitable for both on-road and off-road riding.  Dual sports tires are equally fit for both hard and soft terrains. Manufacturers provide a percentage value for their off-road and on-road usage. This percent value indicates how much you can ride your bike on off-road terrain and on-road terrain with these tires.

Dual sports tires are perfectly fit for adventure bikes or scramblers, suitable for both on-road and off-road performance. The design of these tires is smooth enough for highway usage and has an adequate amount of tread pattern. They have knobby construction for better traction over soft surfaces.




You should always choose a tire that best suits your bike needs and according to the type of terrain. These bike tires have different categories according to their usage. Although, they can also be categorized according to their manufacturing.


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