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There are different types of engine oil available in the market. They all work the same way, that is they provide lubrication to the moving parts of the engine. Engine oil, motor oil, or engine lubricant are all the same things. Engine oils can be natural, or they can be artificial. The working of these motor oils will remain the same irrespective of their origin.

So, now which engine oil is perfect for your bike?

Well, before heading to that, we should understand the working of these motor oils.

What is the function of engine oil?

The function of bike Engine oil is simple. It provides lubrication to the moving parts of an engine. But is it that simple; it is not! Bike engine oil has a lot more to do. Along with lubrication, it also provides the necessary friction for the working of the clutch. Although this required friction is comparatively lower yet it is necessary for the bike. In the absence of this friction, we will experience a slippery Clutch, and we will be unable to change gears.

For this reason, there are some friction additives added to the bike engine oil.

Different types of engine oil?

There are mainly three types of engine oil:

Conventional oil

Conventional oil is a petroleum product. It is processed from crude petroleum, and then additives are added to make it a fully functional bike motor oil.

This motor oil has some simple working of lubrication and can provide lubrication up to a small extent.

These conventional motor oils are the cheapest of all engine oils and are perfectly fit for low-performance engines.


Semi-synthetic engine oil

As the name suggests, these oils are a blend of both conversation oils and synthetic oils. These motor oils have the better of the two worlds. They have the properties of both conventional motor oils and synthetic motor oils.

They provide protection better than conventional oil but not as well as synthetic oil. These bike engine oils are suitable for engines having mid-range performance.

Since they are in between conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil, their price also comes between these two engine oils.


Synthetic engine oil

These motor oils are prepared synthetically in factories or, we can say they are artificial engine oils.

Since these engine oils are processed according to our needs, they deliver high range and lubrication. These engine oils provide utmost protection to the engine.

Since they deliver the best of the three engine oils, they are comparatively expensive. They will cost a lot to you.

These engine oils are suitable for high-performance engines.


Which engine oil is best for your bike?

Conventional engine oil

These motor oils are suitable for bikes with engine capacity up to 150cc.


Semi-synthetic engine oil

These motor oils are suitable for bikes with engine capacity ranging from 150 to 250cc.


Synthetic engine oil

These motor oils are suitable for bikes with engine capacities of more than 250cc.


How to clean slug, debris, or junk present in your engine?

Well, your bike oil works as a cleaner also. Debris or broken metal particles will suspend down at the bottom of the engine oil.

Over time, this slug will accumulate on the inner surface of your bike engine. Even changing the engine oil will not clean this slug. Engine flush cleans this slug.


What is an engine flush?

An engine flush is an engine cleaner. You can think of it as a kind of detergent, not the one used in the laundry. We use engine flush to clean the debris or slug. An engine flush is a liquid that mixes up with your engine oil. It cleans the inside of an engine.

How to use engine flush to clean the engine?

Use engine flush when you are changing your engine oil. After adding the engine oil with engine flush, you can’t operate your vehicle, so it will be better to use it only when you want to change your engine oil.


  • Just pour the engine flush in your engine as you fill your engine oil.
  • Start your vehicle and let the engine operate, then leave it with your engine idle for about 10-15 minutes.
  • After 15minutes stop the engine
  • Change the engine oil as you usually change it.

All the debris and slug, which the engine flush has cleaned will come out along with the engine oil.

  • It will be nice to change your engine filter as well. Slug blocks your engine filter also.

After how many kilometers should you change your bike engine oil?

1.There are a lot of factors that affect the period at which you should change your engine oil like:

  • How often do you drive?
  • Do you drive on the highway over a long distance, or do you ride in the city with more stoppages?
  • What type of oil do you use for your bike?
  • All these factors determine the period of your oil change.
  • If your bike stays mostly parked, then also you should change your bike oil within 6 months. Every engine oil degrades with time.

2.Your engine oil will degrade at a much faster rate if you use your vehicle for frequent rides covering very little distance. In this case, you should change your bike engine oil as follows:

  • Conventional engine oil: 3000 km
  • Semi-synthetic engine oil: 5000 km
  • Synthetic oil: 7000 km

3. The need for changing engine oil decreases when you use your vehicle for long-distance rides with steady speed.

  • Conventional oil: 5000 km
  • Semi-synthetic oil: 7000 km
  • Synthetic oil: 10000 km

All these are general criteria that determine how often you should change bike engine oil. They vary according to the situation, climate, and riding habits.


Every engine oil has its specifications, so choose according to your bike needs. The main difference is their capacity to lubricate and work properly at high temperatures. Conventional engine oils are not very effective at high temperatures, whereas synthetic oils are perfect for high temperatures. If you are using an entry-level commuter bike having an engine capacity of up to 150cc, conventional oils are more than enough for your bike engine. As we move to higher engine capacities, we have to choose the engine oil accordingly.

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