How to know if your service centre is providing you A bike service

How to know if your service center is providing you genuine bike service

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Buying a new bike surely brings new joy and excitement. Maintenance and timely service of your bike could become an issue if you get your bike serviced at an unprofessional service center. As long as you have your free service, you will take your bike to the authorized service center, but after that, you will shift to some local alternative. So, how would you know if your bike service center is providing you genuine bike service or they are just making money?

There are several ways a bike service center can dump you even if you are physically present at that bike service center.

There are ways by which you will roughly get an idea of whether your bike service center is providing you genuine and quality bike service.

Read on to get an insight into ways to check if your bike service center delivers you quality service.


1. Trained mechanics


This step is the very first way to ensure the delivery of quality work. You can’t even expect quality service in the lack of trained mechanics. So how would you know if there are trained mechanics or not? Firstly ask them to take a test drive of your bike and then ask them what they think are the issues with your bike. A trained mechanic will always be able to figure out, if not all, at least some of the problems with your bike.

Secondly, figure out their way of using the tools. If they use the tools professionally without any issues, then they might be trained mechanics.


2. Low-quality spare parts


The second way by which you can figure out whether your bike service center is providing quality service or not is to inspect the spare parts used by them. If your service center uses local spare parts without even asking you, then this is a sign that they have a clear intention to make money rather than delivering quality bike service.


3. Lack of proper equipment 


The next thing you can check for is the equipment used by the bike service center. If the service center is not using proper equipment, like the spark plug cleaner or pressure washer, then the chances of delivering quality services are low. Secondly, whether they are using appropriate cleaning products for cleaning of bike parts or not.


4. No warranty claim


Another way you can check the quality of your bike service is by asking the mechanic about the warranty period of the spare parts used. You should know that your bike service center does not provide quality bike service if he is reluctant to give you any warranty card. He will also not ensure you of the warranty period of the product. 


5. Invoice


The next step for you to check if the bike service center is providing quality service or not is by asking for the invoice. If a bike service center delivers quality service, they will hand over you the invoice for the spare parts used. If asked for an invoice, they hand over you a piece of paper with the rough breakage of the total cost of your bike service; this is a sign that they are frauding you. This step will just make your bike look new from the outside, but the functioning will have no improvement.


6. Engine oil usage


Every type of bike service includes engine oil change. Even if you choose a general bike service, then also the engine oil change is included. This oil change is necessary, also for your bike’s smooth working. Check out whether the engine oil used is quality engine oil or a low-grade one.

When the mechanics are using low-grade oil, this is a clear sign that they have no motive to deliver quality bike service.


7. Brand experience


The next thing you should check is whether they have any experience of servicing your bike brand or whether they have previously worked with other motorcycles of your brand. If you ask them, it’s clear that they will say yes. So rather than asking them, look for the brands mentioned over their service center. Also, have a look at all the bikes present in their service center, whether serviced or not and figure out if they include your bike’s brand. If there are none, the chances of that service center having experience working with your brand are low.


8. Reputation 


Check for the reviews of the service center over the internet. Reviews will help you to choose whether the service center provides quality service or not. Also, check for how many years that service center is delivering their service. If the service center has been around for a long time, then the chances of quality service are much more.




With the help of these steps, you can figure out whether your bike service center delivers quality service or not. These steps will mostly work but not necessarily all of the time.

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