How to prepare for a long bike ride- Precautions and Accessories

How to prepare for a long bike ride- Precautions and Accessories

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A long bike ride touches the soul of a rider. Nothing is more tempting than a long bike ride. So these bike rides need proper planning. You may encounter a lot of problems during your long motorcycle tour. It may rain; you may have to face a flat tire or many more.

So to get most of your motorcycle tour and to make it once in a lifetime moment, you need proper preparation and planning.


Motorcycle check-up for a long tour


Your motorcycle needs to be in perfect condition for the long tour. Even a slight issue can spoil your tour experience.

So look out for these points.

Engine oil

Long rides make the engine perform at its maximum. Due to this, it dissipates a lot of heat. An old and less than the required amount of engine oil will increase the chances of engine overheating.

So replace your engine oil before starting your journey.

Air filter

Air filters work to filter the air required for the combustion of fuel. The air filter gets blocked due to dust particles in the air, and hence the engine will not receive enough oxygen for the proper burning of fuel. This absence of oxygen will eventually decrease engine performance, or in other words, it will reduce the mileage of your motorcycle.

So replace your air filter before starting the journey.

Check tire health 

Check your motorcycle tire thoroughly. If the tires are old and have cuts, it’s better to replace them. Even minor chips in the tire can become a big issue.


Always ensure that your battery is in a healthy working condition. Check the battery connections and if they have rust over them, replace them. If your battery is old, it’s better to replace it.


Ensure that your mirrors are duly tight and are clear enough for highway traffic. If they are hazy or have dents over them, it is better to replace them.

Drive chain

When was the last time you replaced your motorcycle’s drive chain? If you don’t remember, it’s better to replace it. With time drive chain becomes weak, and over long-running hours it may break.

Brake shoe 

If your bike has drum brakes, then check the condition of your brake shoe.  This brake shoe provides the necessary friction for the stoppage of the motorcycle. If needed, replace them.

Electric components

Check each of the electric components like headlights, turn indicators, etc. If any of them is faulty, equip a new one.


Check for acceleration and clutch cables whether they are in perfect condition or not. Check acceleration cable by twisting the accelerator. If it is hard to operate the accelerator, the wire might need replacement. In the same way, you can check the clutch cable by pressing the clutch. 

Bike service

If you find it hard to check everything by yourself, book a service at mekvahan. We know how to get your motorcycle tour ready.


Motorcycle accessories for a long ride


USB mobile charger and holder

You will need proper navigation for your route. The mobile holder will hold your mobile phone, and the charger will charge it all the way. These Smartphone holders are motorcycle handle mountable, so you can easily have an eye over your route.


It is one of the essential accessories. There are several bike mount toolboxes available in the market. Get every usable tool in your toolbox.

Comfortable seat

Comfort should be your utmost priority. If your motorcycle seat is not comfortable, there are several aftermarket products available to make it comfortable.


You will need to carry a lot of stuff, and you can’t pack all of that in a backpack. Saddlebags are efficient as they distribute weight on both sides hence maintaining the overall motorcycle balance.

Bungee cords or chains

Always carry bungee cords or chains. Who knows when, which backpack strap will tear off. So to eliminate such possibilities, have a few bungee cords.

Rain cover

Be prepared for any weather. Rain covers will protect both the motorcycle and your luggage from getting wet. For yourself, carry a raincoat.


Equip your bike with a windscreen. At higher speeds, the wind is a real issue, so to reduce the traction due to wind, equip your motorcycle with a quality windscreen.

Air pump or Air tire inflator

You might face a flat tire, but if the puncture is small, you can continue to the nearby tire repair shop by filling the air, so always get your air tire inflator handy.

Fog lights

If you are planning your tour in winter, be ready for the fog. Fog decreases visibility and increases the chances of mishappenings. Equip your motorcycle with fog lights to see clearly and be seen clearly to others.

Spare key

Although small in size, very useful. Don’t forget to have a spare key handy. You may forget where you left your keys. In this type of situation, a spare key helps a lot.


What precautions should you take during a long motorcycle ride?


There are certain precautions which you should abide by for a happy journey.

Don’t ride when it’s raining.

Unless and until very much necessary, don’t ride when it is raining. Water may get into your motorcycle exhaust, and your motorcycle will stop midway.

Don’t drive when feeling drowsy.

If you are feeling drowsy, don’t drive. Take a rest and start again.

Don’t wait for the next fuel pump.

Get your fuel tank filled even before it is near to empty. 

Don’t overeat

Digestion consumes a lot of energy. This energy consumption will make you feel drowsy.

Take small cat naps

Small naps work great. Take small naps as they work as an instant energy booster and make you feel fresh.




So, these are some of the pre-tour check-ups for your bike and accessories that you should equip before starting your long motorcycle journey. Try to abide by these precautions for a happy motorcycle tour. Always take care of yourself as well as other’s safety. Wear a helmet and proper safety gear.

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