Top 10 bike maintenance tips

Top 10 bike maintenance tips

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Do you lack bike maintenance knowledge, or are you the one who generally messes up with motorcycles? If yes, then this read is for you.
Your bike should always be ready to roll so you can hit the open roads anytime with no worries. Regular maintenance of the bike is an essential part of enjoyable and safe riding. But most of this maintenance is overlooked. In the lack of proper maintenance, your riding experience can get worse.
Bike maintenance is an easy job, and anybody can do it by himself at home with some easy to handle tools.
Read on to get an insight into how you can maintain a bike in its best possible conditions.


1. Engine oil


the first best practice in bike maintenance tips is to check your bike engine oil regularly. Engine oil degrades with time. If you use your motorcycle pretty frequently, you will need to change the engine oil very often. Now, this doesn’t mean if you don’t use your bike for months, you don’t have to change the engine oil. Engine oil needs to be changed every six months, even if you don’t ride your bike often.


2. Tires


The next step that falls under bike maintenance tips is to check your bike tires. Check for any wear in tread patterns or cuts in sidewalls. The presence of tread wear or other damages makes your bike tire more prone to punctures and some damage. A tire check does not necessarily mean only to check cuts and wear. You also have to check the tire pressure. Check the tire pressure before every ride and make sure it is up to the value as mentioned in your bike’s user manual. Optimum tire pressure is necessary for a smooth and comfortable ride. It also enhances your bike’s fuel economy.


3. Drive chain


The third step in bike maintenance is to check for the condition of your bike drive chain. Drive chain gets loose when you ride your bike. Regular check and tightening of your drive chain increase its life expectancy. Always remember not to over-tight your bike drive chain. Excessive tightening increases the chances of drive chain breakage or lengthening.


4. Cable check


Cable check is the next step under bike maintenance tips. Cable check is something that goes overlooked during bike maintenance. The accelerator cable, brake cables, clutch cable all need to be regularly checked. Regular checking of these cables will eliminate the chances of unprecedented breakage of these cables midway.


5. Check controls


Regular check-ups of your bike levers and keeping them in the best possible condition is an important bike maintenance tip. Bike controls include brake lever, throttle, grip, clutch, and pedals. Check if they are loose or out of adjustment and proceed accordingly. Also, regularly lubricate your bike’s kick lever and gear shift lever. This step will add to the effortless handling of your bike.


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6. Check filters


Generally, there is an air filter and a fuel filter equipped in your bike. Regularly checking these filters is necessary to maintain the efficiency of your motorcycle. These filters need regular cleaning as they get blocked due to dust particles. Blockage of these filters will lead to a deficiency of more than one thing for your bike engine. This shortage will eventually decrease the capacity of your bike engine.

7. Lights check-up


The very basic and often ignored bike maintenance tip is to check the proper working of every light of your bike. Check whether the pass switch is working suitably or not. Check the tail light if it illuminates when brakes are applied. Also, check turn indicators and console lighting.


8. Battery check-up


Your bike may have a maintenance-free battery but still needs maintenance. Yes, there might be a possibility that the terminals of your battery get corroded. If it happens, the electric charge will not transfer efficiently to the other components of your bike. So to eliminate the risk of this issue, check the terminals of your bike battery and clean them.


9. Bike stand check-up


Nowadays, bikes are equipped with a side stand engine to kill switch. This engine kill switch will kill your bike engine as soon as your bike’s side stand drops. If your bike has a loose side stand, there is a chance that it might drop anytime midway and will kill the engine. This issue will be a considerable safety hazard for you.


10. Lubrication


For smooth working of bike parts and levers, lubrication is necessary. Lubricate the drive chain for better movement. Brake lever also needs lubrication. Likewise, apply grease to all the hinges, like the side stand.


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Follow these simple bike maintenance tips to make sure it is ready to roll whenever you want to. Regular maintenance will keep your beloved bike in all the new conditions even after years of purchase.

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