What to do when the bike gets flooded with rainwater

What to do when the bike gets flooded with rainwater?

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During monsoon season, it is usual that you might encounter rain when you are outdoors. Heavy rains get your bike flooded with water. You might be riding in the rain, just enjoying it, and suddenly your bike stops. 

There could be more than one issue due to which your bike stops. It could be temporary, or it may cause severe damage to the bike.

Let’s have a look at all the issues and their solutions.


If the water has got up to only half of the tire height


In this case, there will be no severe damage. The water might not have got into the engine or the gearbox. Now, this will be a good sign for you and your wallet.

In this case, there are very few chances of your bike stopping midway. Unless and until the water does not enter your engine or combustion component, your bike will not stop.

When water comes up to half of the tire height, it might soak the chain, brake system, front and rear axle, and wheel bearing.

You should first drain water thoroughly, then dismantle both the tires, clean the brake shoe.

Dismantle the chain and clean it thoroughly. Then after cleaning, put everything back together but remember no moisture and no debris.

The presence of moisture can lead to corrosion if your bike mainly stays parked. Due to oxidation of some parts, you might need to change the chain or disc brake plates or the chain covers.

Debris will tear down your bike drum. You might feel hard to apply brakes, or there may be a squeaky noise while you press the brakes.

So clean everything thoroughly, and then put them back carefully.

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Different levels of harm to your bike


When your bike has submerged in water, this will cause you several problems.


When the motorcycle gets submerged in the water, there is a possibility that water may have got into your engine components, compressor. 

Due to this, every other machinery of the bike will be affected.

When submerged, water will reach the engine through the muffler or air filter.


Now, there are two scenarios:

  • Your bike engine is on while it got submerged.
  • Your bike is parked with the engine off.


When the bike gets submerged while the engine being on, then the consequences could be drastic. In this case, water will enter the compressor and will bend the compressor pipe or hose.

Only compressed air can pass through it, and water that is not easy to compress will eventually lead to the destruction of the compressor.

Moreover, it will affect every single component of your bike’s power delivery mechanism. The clutch, the battery, the air filter, the exhaust system, everything will need proper cleaning to make it work again.


When the bike engine is off


In this case, the effects will not be as profound as the first case. Water may enter the compressor but will not bend the compressor pipe as the machine is not working. Also, when the bike engine is off, every electrical system will not be working. Now, this will save them from any further damage.

In both of these cases, your bike needs a thorough service before any further usage.


What to do when a bike gets submerged in water?


 1Firstly don’t try to start the engine.

Trying to start the engine will force water to enter those parts of your bike where it may not have filled yet. It could be the compressor pipe or the combustion chamber.

 2. Try to drain as much water as you can.

Tilt your bike to both sides so that the water comes out of your bike’s major components.

 3. Remove the spark plug.

Remove the spark plug and clean it thoroughly with the help of a dry cloth. Also, clean the spark plug socket. Just blow air through your mouth in the socket with as much pressure as you can.

 4. Drain water from the exhaust

For draining water from the muffler, you need to lift your bike from the front so that your muffler acquires enough tilt toward the road that all the water comes out.

 5. Now tilt your bike again as much as you can.

This tilt will drain a large amount of water from your bike’s internal components.

 6. Kick start your bike without the spark plug.

By doing this, the remaining water which may have entered the cylinder will come out of the spark plug socket.

 7. Again completely clean the spark plug socket and install the spark plug.

 8. Now, kick start your bike. 

Try to avoid using electric start as the electricity and water have no match. Trying to start your bike with a self-start button may lead to a short circuit. This short circuit will cause further issues.

These are the cases only when your bike gets flooded with water for few minutes.


What happens when the bike has been underwater for a longer period, like for days or weeks?


In this case, you need to do a lot of extra things.


  1. Clean the wheel drums, chain, and chain covers.
  2. Uninstall the muffler and clean it thoroughly.
  3. Drain the bike engine oil. It will be of no use as water will have mixed with it.
  4. Drain your fuel tank completely, as water may have mixed with it.
  5. Clean the air filter, spark plug, and carburetor if your bike has one.
  6. Checkout for corrosion in any part.
  7. After a thorough cleaning, start re-installing every part.
  8. Apply Greece to the chain.
  9. Pour new bike oil.
  10. Now kick start your bike. If it doesn’t start on the first attempt, try a few more times.

 If you feel no response, take it to your nearest garage




Whenever your bike gets flooded with water, don’t try to start it immediately. Firstly drain all the water and let your motorcycle dry, then try to kick start. If it doesn’t work, you only have one option left to take it to the nearest service center. They will clean every part of it. 

Try to avoid riding in the rain even if there is no water on the road as the pouring water can also enter the engine and damage it.

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