10 must have car accessories

10-must-have car accessories

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Your car means a lot to you, and fortunately, there are several options to experience even better riding and comfort.

These gadgets give you more of an insurance coverage feel. They can be for every convenience, whether cleaning your car’s interior, saving your time, or assisting you on the way.

These accessories can enhance your car’s features and can make an entry-level hatchback interior feel like that of a sports car.




Safety is very much essential for experiencing a carefree ride. For this reason, dashcams are one of the best car accessories you can have. There are several options available to choose from: front camera dashcam, rear camera dashcam, or both. These dashcams can also help you in parking, and you will have evidence in case of an accident.


2.Tire inflator


Who knows at what time you have to experience a flat tire. Well, some might be lucky to have run-flat tires but not all. Tire inflators will help you inflate your car tire and reach the nearby tire repair shop.


3.Air purifier 


The sports car you dream of might have an inbuilt air purifier, but that doesn’t mean your hatchback can’t have it. There are several aftermarket air purifiers available that provide different levels of purification. Some may add fragrance to your car’s air, while others may actually purify your car’s air by eliminating harmful bacteria, foul smells, or gases.


4.Wireless charger


Are you bored of plugging in and out your charger cable? If yes, then it’s time to leave that cable at home only. There are different wireless chargers available with the dashboard mount or windshield mount options.



5.Blindspot mirror


Blind spots are really critical safety issues. Although the lane watch camera is a feature that helps to get rid of this blindspot issue, this feature comes with only high-end luxury cars, and most of the entry-level and mid-entry-level cars lack this feature. 

So a blind spot mirror is a cheap and effective alternative to a lane watch camera.


6.Heated seat cushion


Well, if you own an entry-level car, then the chances of heated seats are nearly zero. This inbuilt absence doesn’t mean your car can’t have one. There are several heated seat cushions available in the market. These heated cushions will give you the same or even better feeling than those factory-made heated seats.


7.Floor mats


No one would like to spoil the premium look of a car’s floor by stepping in with shoes full of rainy season mud. You can’t escape the rainy season but can prevent your car’s floor from getting dirty with the help of floor mats.

Also, when purchasing floor mats, always go for rubber floor mats. As the rubber floor mats are easy to clean.




An all-time usable aftermarket product you should invest in is a toolbox. You may have your factory-made toolbox that comes along with your car, but that toolbox may not have every tool needed in an emergency. It’s always better to invest in a toolbox having every required tool, regardless of size and frequency of usage.



9.Battery starter 


If you have a decade-old car with a year-old battery, then this is the must-have car accessory for you. Every car battery loses its charge over time, and this means your vehicle may run out of electric charge at any moment on the road. In this situation, you will need a battery starter or jump starter to give your car engine a sudden jolt of electric current. This sudden jolt will start your car engine.


10.Bicycle rack


If you love camping and cycling, then this is more than a suitable car accessory for you. Adventure cycling excites many people, but taking the cycle to the adventure sport is the main issue. Riding up to that spot may not be possible, or even if you ride that long, it will exhaust you.

So a better alternative is to carry your cycle over your car. Don’t think of tying your bicycle on your car’s roof by the use of bungee cords. This way, you will scratch it down.

There are different bicycle racks available in the market, and you can choose one according to your car and needs.

You can also read “How to choose the perfect bicycle rack.”




These are some of the car accessories you should have with you. These accessories will make your daily life even more comfortable and easy. 

While purchasing an aftermarket product, always check the reviews to make sure it is a quality product.

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