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In the Modern world, it is very easy to operate a car but many people don’t take their car functioning seriously which results in the car not starting up. Due to technology up-gradation, car owner’s daily manual work such as oil checks and point adjustments are eliminated.

But there are a lot of things which are improved by technology. There are few elements in the system that is responsible for the malfunctioning of the car which resists your car to start.

Here are some common reasons why your car not starting up:

1.Dead Battery:

car not starting

If you never face any symptoms of the car not starting then the dead battery is responsible for it. Dead Battery is a very common reason for the car not starting up. Sometimes corrosion on the wires restricts the power flow but the battery can die due to several reasons such as accessories left on, you forget to off dome light for a longer time duration, loose wires, old battery, and water evaporated inside the component which leads to poor conductivity. Battery replacement or you can clean the connection to start the car. Also check the jump start, if it starts working then your car is dealing with a dying battery.  

2.Spark Plugs:

Nowadays, secondary ignition system problems occur rarely. But somehow they can cause no-start. Now, most car owners forget about spark plugs when their schedule of replacement can be 100,000-mile. Barely holding on to a car for the span of its life or the 100,000 mile mark, the majority of car owners don’t remember the scheduled replacement of the durable parts such as spark plugs, included to common start problems.

3.Poor Alternator:

The alternator is responsible for generating electricity during the driving and stores extra electricity in the battery to make sure that your car can easily start next time. But if you still need a jump start then it means the alternator is unable to restore battery power and it’s time to get a new one. So, you can check if there is a fault in the alternator then look for a slipping or worn accessory drive belt. In modern cars, you can watch the warning signs, dimming headlights, or slow cranking starter which indicates that your battery is not charging but we suggest that you need a technician to check the problem.

4.Starter Failure: 

Noises in the car tell you about approaching problems. When you start your car with the key and hear the sound of a click or series of clicks it means the car’s starter is operating but having issues in engaging with the flywheel, so it’s time to replace the starter. Even with the technological advancement, the mechanism becomes more reliable but the cars still face the starter problem. Also, in case you hear a grinding crushing noise, it means the starter has damaged teeth on the engine’s flywheel or starter’s drive gear. 

5.Security system:

Another reason for the car not starting could be trying to start with the wrong ignition key which can cause a 20-minute delay. Similarly, remote starting devices and keyless entry are known for creating havoc. The proximity keys have greater chances of missing such as leaving in a table or jacket, which can cause you to delay in the morning. Besides the innovative key fob, the luxuries provided by cars are beyond our imaginations but the innovation in technology can cause havoc on the car which prevents the car from starting. So, such types of problems are solved through the computer and detected by professionals.

6.Wheel Lock:

wheel lock

Sometimes, the car is unable to start because the key would not turn in the ignition switch. The steering wheel locks while the key is removed due to the anti-theft feature. In some cases when you park the car, the wheel moves backward against the locking pawl which prevents you from turning the key. So, try to nudge the steering wheel right or left while you turn the key, the anti-theft lock feature releases, and let you turn the key, then it will crank the starter and finally start the car.

7.Fuel Tank & Pump:

car not starting

If you refilled the fuel tank, a weak or failed fuel pump will prevent fuel to reach the engine. Carefully listen to the in-tank pump running for a couple of seconds while you turn on the key before cranking the starter. Due to technology up-gradation, we constantly delay the unavoidable refills at the petrol station. And, while running on fumes and you forget to refuel or alter the operating speed, the car may not have sufficient gas remaining in the tank to start.

8.Air Filter:

The car also needs clean air to breathe and function properly. All sorts of dirt, grease, road dust trapped in the air filter so that the car can breathe filtered and clean air. Long-distance traveling and debris stored for years can reduce the airflow in which your car inhales. So, without air, it is impossible to ignite the gas which leads to no combustion to complete the procedure of adequate internal combustion operation. The air filter is also a significant reason which stops your car from starting but don’t worry, car air cleaner can be easily found at nearby automobile supply shops.

9.Fuel Filter: 

You need air to live, your car needs fuel to run. So, fuel is a basic necessity of cars but remember the fuel should be clean and free from dirt. While Filling your fuel tank at the petrol station, all the dirt collectively travels in the engine. It’s very important to prevent the fuel from blocking your exhaust fan or making it into the combustion chambers, the fuel filter helps to block the unwanted elements. These unwanted elements build up and restrict the fuel flow to the engine, in order to prevent such a situation; the fuel filter should be cleaned or replaced after 25,000 to 45,000 miles.

10.Fault in Ignition:

car not starting

While turning the key in the ignition, it creates an electric pathway that helps your car to run, still, the ignition switch fails then you won’t be able to start your vehicle. But if the pathway is not completed because of the ignition switch releases the car will crank but not fire, it seems very easy to start your car, however, it has a complex series of events that take place to get pistons pumping as it all starts with the ignition. You can detect the ignition failure by looking at the few signs, sometimes these indications show other sorts of problems.

So, these were the ten common reasons why your car was not starting.

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