10 things that can damage your car paint

10 things that can damage your car paint

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Everyone attracts to shiny well-polished car paint. New car paint has that irresistible shine and luster which attracts every onlooker. New shine makes your car stand out in that car meet.

Several things make your car paint dull, or in the worst case, you may notice paint chips. Your vehicle gets exposed to various scratch-prone things which are inescapable, but you can avoid them to a large extent. The only way to prevent these things is to identify all the things which can damage your car paint. While some of these factors are less damaging, others can damage your car paint to a greater extent.


1. Bird dropping


Well, this is an inescapable fact that damages your car paint. Bird poop is acidic in nature and is hard to remove. There are two ways in which bird poop affects your car paint. Firstly, its acidic nature will stain and make the car paint dull. Secondly, it is hard to remove. In the process of removing the bird poop off your car paint, you will unintentionally scratch it.

The best way to remove bird poop off your car paint is to use water over the bird poop and gently make it dissolve in water. After that, gently wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth.


2.Ice/ snow


If you don’t own a garage or a covered parking space, then damage due to snow is possible. Generally, when snowfall occurs, the pollutants present in the air get mixed with it. Now, the ice will accumulate over your car along with those polluting particles that have the potential to damage your car paint by corroding it. Secondly, to clean it off your vehicle, you may scratch your car paint.


3. Exposure to the sun




Long-time exposure to direct sunlight can make your car paint fade away. It is not the case only for car paint; every color fades in direct sunlight. If you live in countries having longer summers and an average temperature of more than 20 degrees Celsius, you should always park your car in the shade. This step will also save your car’s interior from damage as direct sunlight damages that too.


4. Dust


Well, even if you drive your car frequently or not, dust will accumulate over it. Dust does not damage your car paint in any direct way. When you wipe it off, it will leave scrapes and minor scratches over the car paint. To remove dust from the car surface, clean it with an air blower or water.


5. Coffee


Starbucks coffee might be your favorite, but your car hates it. Coffee has a high value of caffeine which is acidic in nature. This acidic nature of coffee will damage the paint of your vehicle. You will not notice any instant damage, but that area has now become more prone to corrosion.


6. Rain


It is very much possible that rain can also damage your car’s paint. Rain, or more specifically acidic rain, contains various harmful pollutants like sulfur dissolved in the rainwater. These pollutants make the rainwater acidic, and this acidic rainwater has the potential to damage your car’s paint.

Try to avoid the first rain of the season as it is much more harmful to you and your car.


7. Shaving cream


Another household thing that can damage your car paint is shaving cream. Shaving cream can permanently tarnish your car’s paint. If it remains for a long time over the car paint, it can severely damage it and may leave hard marks. If you have mistakenly spilled shaving cream over your car’s paint, wash it immediately with warm water.


8. Washing 


Although washing is good for removing dust and dirt particles from your car body, it can also make your car paint more prone to oxidation or corrosion. Normal water will not affect your car body, but saltwater does. If you are washing your car with salt water, it can be really harmful to your car paint. Saltwater fast-forwards the process of oxidation, and your car paint will rust at a much faster rate.


9. Using a non-microfiber cloth


The piece of cloth you use to clean your car can also damage your car paint. Always use a microfiber cloth/ soft piece of cloth for cleaning your car surface. If you use a non-microfiber piece of fabric, it will leave minor scratches over your car paint, and over time these scratches will make your car paint look dull. 


10.Brake fluid/ Fuel


Brake fluid can excessively damage your car paint. Brake fluid works similarly to paint thinner and leaves hard marks over the car paint. 

Similar is the work of fuel (petrol/ diesel). Fuel has properties that can leave hard marks over car paint if you do not wipe it timely.

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