10-things to do before submitting your car for service

10-things to do before submitting your car for service

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Maintenance keeps your car performance updated. Periodic quality service is necessary for proper car maintenance. This service can give you peace of mind or give you a poor never-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are several ways you can eliminate the risk of experiencing quality service yet a bad experience.

10-Thing you should do before submitting your car for service


Check storage box


Check your car’s storage area. Remove every kind of stuff, whether it is necessary or not. It will be better to remove all the items from the storage boxes if you choose a service center unauthorized and unknown to you. If the garage worker takes any item from the car storage boxes, you will not even claim any item in the lack of evidence.


Remove costly aftermarket accessories.


If you have several costly aftermarket accessories fitted in your car, it will be better to remove them. You will not notice any loss of your aftermarket product unless you require it and find out that it wasn’t there. Over time, you won’t even be able to guess who has removed it.  

Even if you somehow predicted that the garage worker removed it, yet you can’t make a claim. 


Check dents and scratches.


Thoroughly check your car’s exterior as well as interior for scratches and dents. Moreover, go through any cut on the seat fabric. Take a video so you will have proof in case the mechanic does some damage to your car. Although it is less likely to happen, it may happen due to ignorance or ill-trained mechanics.


Remove toolbox


If you have a factory-made or an aftermarket toolbox, it is better to remove it before submitting your car for servicing. When you hand over your vehicle to an unknown service center, it might be possible that workers may take one or two tools from your toolbox. In general, nobody checks the toolbox until that particular tool is required. So you will have no idea whether someone stole your tools, or you have left them somewhere and forgot.


Check fuel tank level.


Always check your fuel tank level when you are submitting your car for servicing. In general practice, service center mechanics use your car’s fuel for cleaning components, and in some cases, they may even store a bottle or even more of it. So to eliminate the chances of any fuel loss, check your fuel tank level.


Make a list of issues.


When you regularly drive your car, you come across several issues. Make a list of every issue which needs repairing. While submitting your vehicle for service, it’s possible that you may forget a few problems and that it might also go unseen from the mechanics. If this happens, you have to revisit the garage, and this will waste your time. So to save your time and fuel, always make a list of issues.


Choose an accessible garage.


If you are getting your car service from an unauthorized service center, choose the one easily accessible to you. 

This step is necessary as you don’t know how trustworthy that garage is, which implies that you have to be physically present while your car is getting all new again. Being physically present is not possible if the garage is not easily accessible to you. So, always choose a nearby trustworthy or easily accessible garage.


Say No


Even if you have a list of car issues handy with you, there might be some issues hidden to you. The mechanic will tell you that you need to replace a few parts for better performance. These parts may be really faulty, or maybe the mechanic wants to replace them. Ask yourself whether you’re really having any issue with that part or not. If you think there’s no issue with that part, say that you don’t need a replacement. This step will save your cost of service.

But remember, say no only if you are sure that the auto part is not really faulty. 


Ask for estimates


Always ask the mechanic to do a pre-service check and tell him every issue which you are facing. Then he can give you the estimate of the total charge for your car service. It is always better to ask for an estimate as this will help you get an idea about the total cost of service.


Know your garage


Try to gather as much information as you can before submitting your car for service. You may take the help of the internet. Mostly, all the well-established service centers are on search engines. You can check for the reviews or ask the nearby shop owners for their experience.




These are the few things you should do before submitting your car for service. These steps will reduce the chances of any fraudulent activity and will save your time and money.

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