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All you need to know about different types of brake pads

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Every vehicle has the most crucial safety equipment; its brakes. There are different types of braking systems, and nearly each one of them uses brake pads. Brake pads are metal or non-metal pieces that come in contact with the disc and generate frictional force. This friction opposes the motion of the wheel and stops it ultimately.

There are different types of brake pads available so have a look at each one of them. 


1.Semi-metallic brake pads


These are one of the most widely used brake pads in vehicles of any kind. As the name suggests, they consist of a mixture of metals and synthetic components.

These semi-metallic brake pads are heat resistant, water-resistant, and highly durable. They contain up to 65% metal, and the rest are other compounds. Due to this reason, their operation also causes a lot of noise.

These brake pads are less effective under low temperatures, and hence more pressure from the user is required. Despite this fact, they are highly suitable for heavyweight vehicles. Since they consist of metal, the chances of them destroying your car’s rotator are high.


2.Ceramic brake pads 


Ceramic brake pads are one of the most efficient brake pads. They can perform well over longer periods with very little wear and tear, and due to this reason, they are also one of the most expensive types of brake pads.

As the name suggests, these brake pads are made of ceramic compounds and have high heat-absorbing properties. This property helps them to withstand even hard braking. Ceramic brake pads are less noisier than other brake pads, and their wear and tear are also low.


3.Non-metallic brake pads


These brake pads generally consist of non-metallic products like glasses, rubbers, or raisins. They also have a small number of metal fibers for better durability and endurance to heat.

Since non-metallic brake pads consist of non-metals, they are the softest of all brake pads. Since they are soft, they wear out quickly and are also the cheapest. These brake pads are only suitable for vehicles with very few braking duties. They have are not a good fit for rough or harsh driving that requires hard braking.

Since these brake pads wear out quickly, they need more replacement than any other brake pads.



4.Low metallic brake pads


These brake pads consist of up to 30% metals like copper or steel, and the rest are other non-metallic compounds. Low metallic brake pads also wear quickly and spew out a lot of brake dust. Apart from this drawback, they are highly efficient in braking duties and are good at heat absorption. Low metallic brake pads are also noisy in their functioning.


5.Non-Asbestos organic brake pads


Non-asbestos organic brake pads are also known as NAO brake pads. These brake pads are softer and do not make noise while operating. They consist of high-temperature resins, fibers, or fillers. 

NAO brake pads have several drawbacks like quick deterioration, and also they produce a lot of brake dust. Since they deteriorate quickly, users have to replace them more frequently for better braking. 


Which brake pad is best for your car?


Well, choosing the perfect brake pad is very much crucial for your and others’ safety. Purchasing the righteous brake pads depends upon the vehicle and the driving requirements.


Best brake pads for hatchbacks and mini SUVs


If you own any entry-level hatchback or SUV and you drive these cars smoothly and regularly, then non-metallic brake pads will be more than enough for your car’s braking duties.

If your driving habits are harsh and speed thrills you, in this case, you should go for ceramic brake pads. 


Best brake pads for full-size sedan and coupe


Full-size sedans and coupe are much heavier than entry-level cars, and hence they have higher braking duties. For these cars, you can use NAO brake pads. If your driving requirements are low, NAO brake pads will work best with your sedan or coupe. If you drive a lot, then you can use ceramic brake pads. 


Best brake pads for high power sports car


Sports cars are manufactured for speed, and they can accelerate in seconds. For better driving, they need stoppage within seconds, and for this purpose, you will need high-quality brake pads with better efficiency. Hence Semi-synthetic brake pads could be a perfect fit for the requirements of a sports car.






These are the different types of brake pads that you can choose for your car. Always try to purchase the righteous brake pads for your vehicle according to your requirements.

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