Alloy wheels vs spoke wheels- Which one is better

Alloy wheels vs spoke wheels which is better?

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It’s been a while since most of the wheels used in automobiles are replaced by alloy wheels. Alloy wheels were first used around the 1970s; until then, only spoke wheels were in use.

Both of these wheels have their advantages and disadvantages. So, read on to get an insight into how they work and which one is better of the two wheels.


Spoke wheels


Spokes are thin wires connecting the center hub of the wheel to the rim. The presence of the spokes named these wheels as spoke wheels. These spokes can absorb high pressure and are highly durable.

Spokes consist of different materials. At the time when they first came into existence, they were wooden. With technological advancement, today, spokes consist of steel, aluminium, and ceramics. To make the spoke wheels even more lightweight, they consist of carbon composite.

Weight plays a very crucial role in the function and performance of these wheels. Heavyweight wheels require more power to operate, whereas lightweight tires can function even with less power.

There are different ways in which spokes connect to the wheels. The two most common are tangential spokes and radial spokes.


Tangential spokes

In tangential connection, the spokes connect with the center hub and rim at an angle. They do not connect with the center hub in a straight line. The benefit of doing this is that it provides greater flexibility and more endurance to pressure and sudden jolt. Tangential spokes are even better for better torque which in turn makes it easy to rotate the wheel.


Radial spokes

Unlike the tangential spokes, radial spokes are connected directly to the hub and the rim. There is no angle between them. The spoke wire straightway connects the center hub. 

Radial wheels are not very effective in delivering the torque produced by the center hub to the rim. As there is no angle hence the twist will not transfer effectively. Low torque means more power will be required to rotate the wheel.

Radial wheels are also less flexible, and they have less endurance to high pressure.

Most of the spoke wheels are tangential spoke wheels. Even if any motorcycle equips a radial wheel, it will be only for the front wheel and not for the rear wheel.


Alloy wheels/Mag wheels


Scientifically, Alloy is a mixture of two metals or a metal and a non-metal. So alloy wheels are made up of these alloys. Generally, alloy wheels consist of alloys of aluminium or magnesium. These metals are used for alloy wheels as they are lightweight.

In the earlier times when alloy wheels were new, they were more an aftermarket product. They were available only in high-end luxury cars or sports cars.

But today, they are available in almost every segment, whether a compact SUV or budget cars.


Advantages of the spoke wheel


Highly durable

Spoke wheels are highly durable and are capable of holding great tension and pressure.

The spokes of the spoke wheel can handle up to seven hundred percent of their weight.


Less expensive

Spoke wheels are less expensive as compared to alloy wheels. The manufacturing process and the products used are available easily in the market, hence decreasing its manufacturing cost.


Low repairing cost

Commonly, you might get a spoke broken, and this won’t be a big issue. Spokes are available at a low price.

So the repairing cost of spoke wheels is not that high.


Suitable for off-road motorcycles

The property of the spoke wheel to bear great tension and pressure makes it suitable for off-road bikes.


Advantages of alloy wheel


Better looks

Spoke wheels could never look as good as alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are catchy, trendy, and give a high-end cosmetic upgrade to the overall looks of a car.


Better performance at high speed

Alloy wheels are the best option when it comes to speed. They are highly durable and provide better traction control even at high speed.


Better braking

Alloy wheels provide better traction and transmit less inertia to the suspensions. Due to this, they provide an even better braking experience.


Corrosion or rust resistance

Since these wheels consist of alloys, they are not prone to corrosion.


Better for tubeless tires

Alloy wheels are better for tubeless tires as these wheels are airtight.


Disadvantages of alloy wheels



Alloy wheels are more expensive as compared to spoke wheels. As their manufacturing and product used are alloys which need a different procedure for preparation. Hence this increases their cost.



Most alloy wheels are non-repairable. In case the wheel breaks, then there are very few possibilities of its repair. So if it breaks, you need to replace it, which will prove costly.


Low strength as compared to spoke wheels

Alloy wheels are less durable than spoke wheels. These wheels cannot bear much pressure. Because of this reason, they are more suitable for on-road vehicles rather than off-road vehicles.


Disadvantages of the spoke wheel


Spoke wheels can corrode

Spoke wheels usually consist of metals like aluminium or magnesium. Since metals tend to oxidize in the presence of Oxygen and water, these wheels are not rust-resistant.


Not much suitable for high speed

Spoke wheels are generally not suitable for high-speed vehicles. While moving at high speed, they will undergo much higher inertia and other forces, causing breakage of spokes.


Not suitable for tubeless tires

Spoke wheels are not suitable for tubeless tires. It is because the pressure decreases at a much faster rate when compared to the airtight design of alloy wheels.




Both types of wheels have their importance. For off-road, spoke wheels are better, whereas for on-road, alloy wheels are better. Alloy wheels provide better traction hence suitable for high-speed vehicles. Spoke wheels are cheap and repairable, so they are best for budget vehicles.

So, both of the tires have their advantages and disadvantages.

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