Benefits of giving your car a new paint

Benefits of giving your car a new paint

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Is there anything more thrilling than shiny car paint? I guess not! car new paint can revive your car. Any autobody paint can damage due to a lot of rather unavoidable factors. Check all those factors here “10-things that can damage your car paint.” 

Damaged body paint can sink your heart like nothing else. So to revive your car you have to offer it a new paint job. There are several benefits of new car paint.

But before heading to that you should know that the paint job could either be for a single panel or the whole body. Whole-body paint is much easier than panel paint in terms of shade selection. As the car color fades over time it is much difficult to find the same shade. This is the reason painting the whole car is much easier.

Now moving ahead to the benefits of new car paint

New paint gives your car several benefits from increasing its life expectancy to increasing its value. 


1. Rust protection


new paint


New car paint protects your car from environmental damage like corrosion. Metal parts tend to corrode in the presence of oxygen and water. Paints work as a protective covering that eliminates the contact of water and oxygen with your car parts. 

Moreover, if your car is already corroded then before application of new paint your service provider will inform you that he has to remove the rust. In this way, your car will get a new life and you will get a new feeling and even more peace of mind.


2. Increases resale value


Well, a very obvious benefit of new paint is that it increases the resale value of your car. It’s simple enough to estimate that a buyer will not like to spend money on a scrap full of rust. 

If you are planning on selling your old companion, just give it a final paint touch, to give it the due respect and you will in turn get the most out of it. The automotive industry relies on looks, scratched car paint can put off potential buyers or they will drag you down to the lowest possible value of your car.


3. Pristine condition restoration




Pristine condition restoration


The next benefit of car paint is that it restores your car to pristine condition. Maybe this restoration is not technical or specification inclined but it will update your car’s overall looks. Technicality and specifications are important but looks are nowhere less. You know very well “the first impression is the last impression” if not last at least it will hook your potential buyers. Damage to your car due to dust particles or hail will remove the car body paint. Initially, the damage is not much noticeable but over time this damage will come to your notice even if you don’t want to know about it. With this damage, the other thing you need is fresh auto paint.


4. Customization


Customization is another benefit you will get from new car paint. You can customize your car paint the way you always want your car to look alike.  This could be a complimentary benefit that you get along with the other ones or it can be your only reason for application of new auto paint.

If your factory car colors don’t excite you then this could be a reason for you to get a new paint for your car. If you are looking to give some exotic colors to your car then you have to find no other auto paint shop, as you can book that at mekvahan


5. Reduced maintenance 


Another worth mentioning benefit of getting fresh car paint is that it reduces the maintenance duties of a car. As new paints are non-stick, dirt and dust particles will not stick over the car body. This step will significantly reduce your car maintenance worries but don’t misunderstand it with the elimination of maintenance duties. The other way also you will clean your car more often after the new paintwork. A shiny car body will revive your enthusiasm for maintaining your car. So by one way or the other, your car will remain well maintained. You can easily maintain fresh paintwork with barely any hassle.  




Getting new car paint excites your feelings as well as any onlooker’s feelings. Not only the looks, but new paintwork also provides you other benefits. These benefits include rust protection, pristine condition restoration, increased resale value, customization, and reduced maintenance. 

If you are thinking about giving your car some fresh paintwork then always get it done by the professionals. Choosing a cheaper alternative may provide you shiny results but are not as reliable as quality paintwork. You can book a paintwork service at mekvahan for the most exotic shades, reliable service, and economical rates.

If you want to dive deep into the procedure of paintwork then read this “All you need to know about the car paint.”

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