Best car interior cleaning accessories

Best car interior cleaning accessories

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Car interior cleaning is something we care about, but we often overlook it. It can happen due to negligence or lack of proper car interior cleaning accessories. Relying only on your service provider for your car’s interior cleaning will not only get heavy on your pocket but will also decrease your car interior life expectancy.

There are several products available in the market that will help you maintain your car in pristine condition. Using these car interior cleaning accessories, you can clean your car’s interior even at your home. This step is a one-time investment that will prove fruitful for your car’s interior.

So, have a look at a few of them.


1.Anti-germ foaming car interior cleaner


Various manufacturers sell this anti-germ foaming car interior cleaner. This product can be suitable for plastic parts, fiber sheets, car upholstery, or any other car interior part. Most of these cleaners are free from CFC or chlorinated solvents and hence do not affect your car’s interior.

It also cleans germs from the surface, along with dirt and grime. This product has a non-greasy formulation and protects the car interior against dust and grime.

Along with cleaning, most of these cleaners leave a mild fragrance in your car after cleaning. 


2.Carpet and upholstery cleaners


If you have the habit of enjoying coffee in your car, then the chances of you spelling it over are high. This carpet and upholstery cleaner cleans every type of stain from the dashboard, car’s carpet, etc. These cleaners are generally pH neutral, and hence they do not affect the car’s interior parts.


3.Vacuum cleaners


There are numerous smaller crevices and sections in your car where nearly every piece of cleaning equipment fails to reach. A vacuum cleaner will help you suck out the dirt from those stubborn cracks or cup holders. This vacuum cleaner also helps clean your car seats, AC vents, or the water drain hose if you own an off-road vehicle.


4.Leather cleaner and conditioner


Having leather seats is another kind of flex. They look classy and give a premium touch to your car’s interior. Now, there comes the downside of leather seats; their maintenance. Leather seats are hard to maintain and spoil very easily. Cleaning coffee marks from leather seats is no less than winning a fight. So to make your cleaning work effortless, you can use leather cleaner and conditioner. The cleaner cleans the surface, and the conditioner gives it that premium look again.



5.Glass cleaner


Maintaining clean mirrors, windows, and windshield is hard. They get oil marks with every touch and the insect sticks to them while driving at high speed. All these things make them hazy, and only water cannot clean these oil marks. So, to clean them thoroughly without giving scratch marks, use glass cleaners.


6.Microfiber cloth


Nearly every person uses any piece of cloth available at home for cleaning a car. Although we try to choose a soft one, the chances are high that it will leave minor scratches over your car’s interior surface as it might not be a microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloth is ultra-soft and does not leave scratch marks over the car’s interior.


7.Air freshener


The car interior cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean only visual cleanup. Your car is not duly clean until it smells good and fresh.

There are various car air fresheners or diffusers available in the market. You can choose them with whatever aroma you like.


8.Soft bristle brush


Although vacuum sucks out even the last piece of dirt, doing that takes time. You can reduce the vacuuming time by gently exfoliating floor mats, cup holders, armrest storage, etc. The dust in them is generally sticky and increases the cleaning time.


9.Plastic trim restorer


This product helps to give your car’s interior a new finish. Products such as a car dashboard, door fiber panels, and a few others made of fiber tend to get dull over time. They lose their shine with usage over time. This product will give your faded black plastic a new-like finish.



10.Car cleaning gel


With the advancement in the automotive industry, car parts are getting more and more complicated. It is not possible to take your car to your service provider for every cleanup. This product will help you clean your car interior parts where your hands or even fingers cannot reach. These areas include AC vents, back of door handles, etc. The dirt sticks to this gel, and you can pull it out along with the gel.




Most of the people who own a car, like to have a shiny car interior, only a few of them cleans the car’s interior regularly, and most of them only focus on the car’s exterior. Only exterior cleanup makes the car shiny from the outside, but the interior remains a total mess.

Regular cleaning with appropriate car interior cleaning accessories will make your car interior look good and increase its shelf life.

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