Can you use car oil in a bike

Can you use car oil in a bike

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You will come along with lots of answers to this question. Someone will say you can do this, and someone will say you should never do that.So what to believe and what not to!In this article, we will make a scientific approach to this question; before that, we should know the working of car oil and bike oil.


Functions of car engine oil


You might know that the function of engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts of an engine. The same is the case with the car engine oil. It provides the necessary lubrication to the engine parts for their smooth working.

Car requires different lubricants for different purposes such as motor oil, grease, hydraulic oils, etc. Engine oil tends to increase the fuel economy of a car by providing the necessary lubrication.

The clutch in the car is not in the same housing as the engine, and hence both of them require different oils.

Car oil also contains detergent additives. The purpose of these detergent additives is to maintain a clean engine. The residual or the ash content of these additives is relatively high.

Engine oil also contains friction modifiers. They further decrease the friction between the moving parts of the engine.


Function of bike engine oil


Function of bike engine oil is lubrication. Lubrication is not the only function of bike engine oil; it provides friction also. Yes! Even though it lubricates the moving parts of the engine, it also provides some fiction necessary for the working of the clutch. Pure bike engine oil is not capable of delivering this fiction. So for this purpose, friction additives are mixed with bike engine oil.

As stated, this friction is necessary for the function of the clutch. Almost in every bike engine, clutch, and gearbox are in the same compartment. That means single oil will work for all three.

Engine parts need only lubrication. In addition to lubrication, the wet clutch requires some friction for its movement. In the absence of this friction, we will experience a clutch slippage.

The function of the clutch is to transfer engine power to the drivetrain. In case friction is too low, the clutch will not be able to work effectively. That means low power transfer to the powertrain. Low power delivery can decrease the fuel economy of the bike.

Hence long story short, the purpose of bike engine oil is not only lubrication. It also delivers the necessary friction. This friction will help in the proper functioning of the clutch.

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What will happen if you use car oil in a bike?


Now, when you know the functioning of both; car oil and bike oil, you can easily predict the consequences of using car oil in a bike.


  • Car oil doesn’t contain friction additives. The absence of these friction additives will lead to a slippery clutch.
  • Car oil contains friction modifiers that decrease friction. This reduced friction will further increase the clutch slippage.
  • Car oil contains detergent additives. These detergent additives have a relatively higher residual and ash content. This ash and residual will accumulate over the piston and will cause their breakage.
  • Also, these detergent additives can increase unwanted friction resulting in the burning of components of the engine.


The period for which you use the car oil in a bike will also alter the effects.


  • Using car oil in a bike for a temporary purpose or a short period

If you have no other options available, you can use the car engine oil in a motorcycle. Using car oil doesn’t mean it won’t affect the engine. It will, but the effects will be less as compared if you are driving without any oil.


  • Using car oil in a bike for a long time

Using car engine oil in a bike for a long time can severely affect your bike engine. In the worst scenario, you might have to face a total breakdown of your bike engine components.

If you find it hard to choose the perfect engine oil for your bike, go through our ‘Different types of bike engine oil’ article. You will find the best engine oil for your bike.




So after going through all the possible scenarios, we can conclude that you should not use car engine oil in a bike. You might have heard ‘oil ain’t oil’ It is true for every vehicle. Asking if you can use car oil in a motorcycle will be the same as asking if you can use petrol in a diesel engine.

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