car accessories for road trips

Car accessories for road trips

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Covid-19 has caged all of us. Everyone wants to enjoy the pre-covid-19 life. People are already heading to mountains, lakes, and beaches to overcome their boredom.

If you are also thinking of a long road trip to get free from work from home, there are several things to pack.

Always be prepared for any situation that might come your way. You can’t control everything, but you can prepare for whatsoever.

You as well as your car both need preparation and pack some essentials.


Preparation for your car


  • Check the tire health.

Never continue with tires having even minor wear and tear. Over a long drive, these cuts could prove fatal.


  • Check for necessary fluids.

It’s always better to change car fluids such as coolant, engine oil, etc.

This check will help you to maintain good engine health even during the long continuous drive.


  • Check AC and heater.

Travelling in summer without AC will leave you with no fun, and the same can happen when travelling in winter with no heater. So it’s better to check them.


  • Check cabin air filter. 

The cabin air filter; filters the air entering the car cabin. If you don’t want to tackle a false odour, then clean your cabin air filter.


All this will be a basic check-up for your car.


Car accessories for road trips


  • Car Dash Cam

You want to capture every single frame of your trip. The car Dash-cam will record everything happening during your journey.

This camcorder will also be helpful in case of an accident; a video record will be there with you.


  • Mobile holder

You will need turn-by-turn navigation to reach your destination. Mobile holders will hold your phone so that you don’t get distracted.


  • Window glass breaker

There might be a possibility that you get locked in your car or an accident. You will need to get out of your vehicle as soon as possible. The glass breaker will help you with this.


  • Tire inflator

A flat tire can be a serious issue if your spare tire is already flat. A tire inflator can help you reach some nearby tire repairing garage.


  • Battery jump starter

If your battery has not been replaced for a long time, you may have to deal with a dead battery. A battery jump starter can help you start your car engine.


  • Emergency toolkit

A tool kit with all the necessary tools of different sizes will be helpful both for your car issues or any issue while camping.


  • Rooftop cargo box

Long road trips start with packing lots of stuff. Your car trunk may not have sufficient space.

Tying up your luggage on the roof without any cover is not a good idea. It may rain, or there may be a sand storm. So it is better to pack the luggage in the cargo box.


  • Window sun protector

Save yourself from the summer heat. Cover your Windows with a removable sun protector.


  • Seat cushion

Long trips could be tiring. It could be uncomfortable also. So, it’s better to have something for comfort. The seat cushion will provide you that comfort.


  • Portable charger

Nobody wants a discharged phone on a road trip. So it’s better to have a portable car charger to charge your phone.


Apart from these, there are some other types of equipment that you should carry along with you.


  • Chain or highly durable rope

This chain will help you to tow your car if required, or you can help someone in need.


  • Flashlight

You may have to encounter car issues at midnight. In this case, you don’t want to discharge your phone for a flashlight. So carry a portable flashlight.


  • Charging cable

You know their necessity. Always carry a charging cable for your phone, laptop, camera, etc.


  • Power bank

Portable power banks can help you a lot. You can charge your phone without necessarily leaving it on the dashboard.


  • Spare key

You might lose your key, so always have a spare key with you in your wallet.


  • Fire extinguisher

There are a lot of possibilities of fire. It could be an engine fire due to excessive heating or a cabin fire due to some other issues. 

So always carry a fire extinguisher for safety.


  • Jumper cables

Don’t forget to carry these cables with your battery jump starter. You will not find them easily, in case you don’t have this with you.


  • First aid kit

Always carry a first aid kit. Carry pain killers, strain remover, massage cream, bandages, scissors, etc.


  • Mosquito net

If you are camping in the open, mosquitoes will be an issue. You will not be able to sleep properly, and this will lead to a tiresome new day.


  • Disposable plates and coffee cups

You don’t want to waste water in cleaning coffee or tea mugs. So carry disposable cups.

Also, carry a garbage bag, so you don’t have to litter the environment.




These are some of the necessary and must-have accessories when you are going for a long road trip. Your car might get timely service even though you can encounter more than one issue.

So, to tackle these situations, you need preparation as well as the equipment.

Mukesh choudhary
Mukesh choudhary
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