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All You Need To Know About Car Battery Replacement

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The car battery is the heart of your car, it performs the main function in starting your car and undertakes all the heavy lifting. In modern cars, we have a single maintenance-free 12-volt acid battery and it is rechargeable. It uses the charge to power your car system to run when it is parked and turn over the engine while starting the car.

You should replace the car battery after every three years but it could be replaced before three years due to various factors such as slow engine crank, battery fluid leak, illuminated check engine light, or battery fluid leak indicating warning signals for a weak battery. Also, your driving habits and where you live influence the lifespan of the battery. If you drive regularly the battery remains fully charged as well as stay lasts longer. But, if the car is parked for a long time, the battery declines faster.

Gradually, the battery starts becoming weak and loses its ability or capacity to hold the charge. As the battery becomes weak it causes trouble in starting the car, to avoid battery problems make sure you replace it before its ability drops to a risky level.

Reasons why a car battery can die fastly:

The car battery remains charged by re utilizing the energy which is created while driving. And, if the car stops in the driveway for a longer period then you are running the risk of damaging the battery.

In the same way, if you make short trips that restrict the battery to recharge can damage the system. Remember to turn off the lights but if you forget to turn off the lights then it surely going to damage the car.

What Are The Symptoms Indicating Low Battery Capacity?

When your car battery is getting weak or needs replacement, it starts showing signs of awareness about upcoming problems. Some common problems such as engine power turn slower than normal, and dash lights dim or flicker while starting the car even when the battery is fully charged.

Also when you turn off the engine then operate the power windows if the window moves slower than the engine then it’s an indication that it’s time for car battery replacement. In certain cases you may notice the lights dim during the engine is idling and again battery becomes brighter while the engine is accelerated. And the extreme corrosion at the terminals of the battery and cables also indicates the battery replacement.

Now, we are discussing a few warning signs which indicate car battery replacement. These few warning signs are enough for indicating your battery life is about to end. Firstly check your car’s engine light is coming, it means the battery is slowly lowering though it would also need to do with the car’s alternator.

1. The Engine starts slowly:

low battery

After some time, the parts inside the battery become inefficient and get enervated. In this situation, the engine extended the battery to create the charge to start the car, and then you have to wait for a few more seconds to turn over the engine. So, a slow-starting engine is an indicator of car battery replacement.

2. Dim Dash Lights And Electronic Issues:

dim dash light

The battery is responsible for supplying power in all the electronic parts of the car, from dash lights to your electric parts. And, if the battery starts losing charge then you will have a tough time running such things with full power. If you plug more things into the car during driving then your car battery will die sooner.

3. Check Engine light ON/ OFF:

check engine light On/Off

Most cars have a check engine light, if this light ON then it means the battery is running off from the Juice. So, Check the manual of the car as well as get the battery tested by a professional mechanic to check if the battery is working efficiently with full capacity and if not, then you must replace the battery.

4. Bad Smell emitting from the battery:

If the battery is damaged or even an internal short can leads the battery to leak gas. If you open the hood and a bad smell coming out then there is a leaking battery that is emitting the smell. Don’t ignore the bad smell, get it checked and you can replace the battery if required.

5. Rusted connectors:

Have you ever seen white or ashy particles on the metal parts of the car battery, then it must be rusting and corrosion. The positive and negative rusted terminals of metal connections present on the top of it can cause problems in starting your car as well as voltage issues.

6. Malformed Case of Battery:

Poor climate conditions can affect the lifespan of the car’s battery. If the battery case is exposed to extreme cold and heat then it may cause damage to the battery case by swelling and cracking. And, if the battery is rectangular there might be a fault in working of the battery.

7. Old Battery:

The batteries should be changed within 3-5 years because this is an ideal period to replace the old battery. Also, driving habits, climate, electrical issues are important parts of the durability of the car battery. Keep testing the battery performance regularly, it’s a good idea to ensure your safety.

Check the battery regularly for smooth running and avoiding problems. Whenever you take your car for servicing always ask to check the battery. It doesn’t get damaged easily but the performance of your battery can go from 90% to 10% within a few months due to the climate conditions and driving habits.

Every Garage or servicing company has its methods as well as tools of electronic testers to test the car, also testing a car battery is not a difficult task. If you regularly go for car maintenance then it will help in avoiding uncomfortable breakdowns as well as reveals when your car need battery replacement.

So, If you haven’t replaced your car battery for three or four years and showing signs of damage then it’s time to replace it and avoid risks. There are many car maintenance tips by which you can check your vehicle thoroughly. Also, Car batteries aren’t too expensive and require low-cost replacement which is way better than risking your life and facing a roadside breakdown.

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