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Ceramic coating: Application, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Every task has its sort of difficulties, and the same is the case with car maintenance and Ceramic coating. Several options make it hard to choose the right product. Whether you are looking forward to protecting your new car against environmental damage or want to revive your older one, options are always multiple. 

There are several techniques and technologies that help to protect your car from environmental damage. In this read, we will have a look at ceramic coating.

The ceramic coating protects your car against environmental wear and tear. You may have heard about ceramic coating from a service provider every time you go for waxing or polishing your vehicle. Ceramic coating is an expensive way of protecting your car exterior but is it worth the money spent? 

Well, the simple short answer is yes! Now, have a look at how it is worth the money spent. But before heading to its ups and downs, you should first know what a ceramic coating actually is?


What is a Ceramic coating?


Ceramic coating


Ceramic coating is nothing more than a chemical polymer solution.  Its application provides your vehicle protection from further environmental damage. This coating blends well with your car paint and provides an extra layer to your car exterior that is also water repellent.

The ceramic coating protects your car from dust, dirt particles, etc., hence could be considered an alternative to waxing.

Depending upon the polymer used, ceramic coating can be permanent or semi-permanent.


Advantages of Ceramic coating

Water repellent


Ceramic coating is hydrophobic in nature that means it repels water. This property is beneficial as no water-based surface contaminants can affect your car surface. These contaminants will slide down and will leave no marks. 

If you are worried that washing your car will affect the ceramic coating, then you are wrong. Removal of ceramic coating requires another round of polishing and a few other steps.


Sun protection


Ceramic coating

The ceramic coating works as a sunscreen for your car paint. It protects your car from damage due to harmful UV rays. UV rays make your car color fade away, and your car starts to look dull if it has a long exposure to direct sunlight. 


Rust protection


Another worth mentioning reason for choosing a ceramic coating for your car is that it protects the car surface from rusting. Corrosion is a natural chemical reaction that deteriorates the health of metal parts. Ceramic coating can give you peace of mind in this case. 


Increases durability


Another reason you should apply a ceramic coating over your car is that it increases the durability of your car paint. Ceramic coating makes your car paint much more durable. It also increases the shelf life of the car paint.

Ceramic coating also makes your car repel the dust and grime that increases the durability of car paint.


Less maintenance


As you just now saw that ceramic coating increases the durability of your car, this also makes you worry less about your car maintenance. The basic step of car maintenance is to remove the dust and grime off the car surface, and the ceramic coating eliminates this step. As the ceramic coating is dust repellent hence dust will not accumulate over the car body.


Pristine condition revival


If your car has lost its shine over time, then the ceramic coating can help you to revive your car’s looks. Car paint can fade due to negligence or proper maintenance. Several things can damage your car paint, have a look at some of them at”10-things that can damage your car paint.”

Your car’s factory condition is hard to maintain. You may lack the proper maintenance schedule, or you may not have appropriate car maintenance techniques.




Application of the ceramic coating may feel like a burden on your pocket, but it is more of a one-time investment. You don’t have to take your car for regular waxing and polishing, and it will also save your time and money. 

The ceramic coating protects your car paint from any further damage that means you have to spend less on your car’s maintenance.


Disadvantages of Ceramic coating

Less protection from scratch and swirl mark


Ceramic coating is a polymer that blends with your car paint and increases the shelf life of your car paint. Since it is not a kind of resin or a paint protection film, it does not provide much protection from scratches to your car’s exterior. It is very much possible that you may notice paint chips even if your car has ceramic coating.






Several options are available for protecting your car from environmental impact. The ceramic coating protects and maintains your vehicle as the damage can be up to a small extent or hazardous. It is sometimes also known as a nano-ceramic coating. 

If you want to protect your car, then ceramic coating is one of the best ways to get it done. Its one-time application might feel expensive, but it is actually economical for you.

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