There are basically four different types of filters: air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and cabin filter. Read on to get an insight into each one of them.

Different types of car filters

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As lungs are to the human body, filters are to the automobile body. Like other countless parts, your vehicle also relies on these filters for smooth and better performance. These filters screen the impurities that could potentially hamper your car engine performance.

These filters are a must if you want your car to burn down the road. Your vehicle deserves to be a showstopper and not something people laugh at. For this, you have to take care of your car’s filter. So moving on we have-


Different types of car filters


All of these cars that you see around have mainly four types of filters: oil filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, and air filter. The function of these filters is to block impurity from reaching further to different car components. These filters need timely maintenance or cleaning to avoid blockage. Filter blockage can hamper your car performance as; in that case, an adequate amount of air-fuel mixture will not reach the respective component.

Now let’s get a closer look at each one of them.


1.Oil filter


As the name suggests, an oil filter screens the physical impurities present in the engine oil. These impurities can be in the form of dust particles, metal pieces, or any other. When a car engine operates, it has to go through wear and tear due to friction. This friction results in broken metal pieces, and if these metal pieces are not filtered, they will further damage the engine by increasing the frictional force.


When to change a car oil filter


Well, we can’t decide an exact time when an oil filter needs to be changed. Oil filter change depends upon several factors, like how often you drive, type of terrain, and more.

In general, air filters need replacement anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 km.


1.Air filter


The second filter we have on our list is a crucial one for your engine to breathe! As we rely on oxygen for our lives, the same is the case with any automobile engine that relies on oxygen for its working. The air that reaches the engine needs to be free from dust particles, pollens, or other contaminants.

These contaminants have the potential to block your car engine. You also need to regularly clean your car’s air filter as these contaminants accumulate over it. Air filters are available in different shapes ranging from circular, cylindrical, or panel.


When to change the car air filter


Like an oil filter, an air filter also depends on several factors that affect its usage period. There is no ideal kilometer range after which you should change your air filter. Although, you can increase the life of your car’s air filter by regularly cleaning it.




1.Cabin air filter


Another filter we have on our list is a crucial one for your health. As the name suggests, this filter filters out the air entering the cabin of your car. These filters are generally found behind the glove box and filter the air coming through the air conditioning system and the heater.

This filter allows you to breathe fresh air. Luxury cars also equip a carbon-activated cabin filter that is capable of filtering out smoke and foul smell. 

Cabin filter blockage can cause you many difficulties while defogging your car windows. A clean cabin filter allows your air conditioning system to work at its maximum potential, and you will experience even better cooling.


When to change a cabin air filter


There is no ideal period at which you should change your car cabin air filter. You can change it according to the requirements or when taking your car for a general car service. 


1.Fuel filter


The last one we have is a filter that cleans the fuel reaching the car engine. This filter screens out dust particles, grit, etc., present in the fuel and hence increases the life expectancy of your car’s fuel injector. Clean fuel helps to increase the longevity of your car engine. A clogged fuel filter can reduce the performance of your car engine as the required amount of fuel will not reach the engine. It can also lead to other engine problems like stalling and poor acceleration. 

The contaminant present in fuel increases the wear and tear of your engine parts as the friction increases due to these contaminants. Proper and smooth working of your car components is directly or indirectly associated with filters. 


When to change fuel filter


We can’t rely on fixed tenure for the cleaning and replacement of fuel filters. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these filters are required. If you are aware of the cleaning procedure of these filters, you can do it by yourself or book service at mekvahan




There are four mainly used filters in a car. All of these filters are crucial and should be maintained and cleaned regularly.  Failure of these filters can lead to decreased performance and even rough handling.

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