Different types of car paint and finishes

Different types of car paint and finishes

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Paintwork is not an easy job. A large number of choices and decisions to make beforehand. After deciding whether you want a color change or not and deciding the right shade for your car, the next overwhelming decision is to choose the type of color and finish.

There are several color types and finishes available. The color type is segmented based upon its chemical make-up. On the other hand, the color finish deals with the final looks of your car color. You have to be sure about how your car should look, then only you will be able to choose wisely.


Types of paint chemical make-ups


Paint chemical make-up refers to the building unit of the paint. There are different types of car paint available with several properties and durability. 

Have a look at each one of them


Acrylic Enamel


Acrylic enamel is one of the long-lasting car paints. It does not easily chip off the car surface. After application, it creates a hard covering over the car body.  Acrylic Enamel is hard to apply and needs proper preparation. Due to this reason, it is not suitable for DIY. The second reason Acrylic enamel is not a DIY paint is that this paint needs baking over the car body for better application. This step will not be possible at home.

Acrylic Enamel is of two types: single-stage and two-stage. The single-stage includes the application of only one layer. 

This one-layer application includes a mixture of base coat and clear coat. 

On the other hand, the two-stage acrylic enamel requires the application of two layers. The first layer will be off base coat and after that a layer of clear coat.




With thicker consistency, Urethane paint is easy to apply and does not flow like other paints. It is one of the most long-lasting and durable types of car paint. Due to its durability, it is resistant to fading and chipping. Urethane paint can be applied over other paintwork and will deliver the same results. 

Urethane paint needs a thicker application over the car body, and due to this, the overall cost of its application increases significantly.  Similar to acrylic enamel, Urethane paint is also not suitable for DIY. 


Acrylic Urethane


After urethane, we have Acrylic urethane. Urethane paint is easy to apply, and its shelf life is also long. This paint dries quickly, so its application is a bit tricky. Even a short delay can make your enamel useless. This paint is also not recommended for DIY as it dries quickly.


Acrylic Lacquer


If you are waiting for DIY paint, then this is the best option for you. These paints are easy to apply and have high gloss and shine. Although it offers high luster, this color handily fades away. It also has some harmful effects on the environment. 

These are all types of paint chemical make-up. Now moving on we have-



Different types of car paint finish


Solid paint


This one is the most common type of car paint finish. The solid paint finish is easy to match, and its repair is also easy. The solid paint finish is easy to apply and requires less maintenance. It can also seamlessly hide the scratches. If budget is an issue, then this is the best option for you. Despite all these plus points, solid paint has a dull application. 


Pearlescent paint


Looking for paint with the best properties, then pearlescent paint is the right option to choose. It has properties much similar to metallic paint. 

Metallic paint incorporates aluminum, whereas pearlescent paint consists of ceramic crystals. These crystals are available in different colors for better service. Pearlescent paint makes your car paint dazzle and has a shiny appearance. This paint is more expensive than solid paint and is hard to repair. Finding a matching shade according to the car color is a tough job.


Metallic paint


You can have an idea from the name itself that this paint will give your car a metallic finish. This paint provides an extensively shiny look to your vehicle. Metallic paint consists of aluminum metal, so the car’s surface dazzles when sun rays fall over it.

There are very few color options available when you choose metallic paint. This paint is hard to repair as less availability of shade makes it difficult. It is one of the most expensive paint finishes as this paint is rather hard to match.


Matte paint


If you want to give your car out-of-the-box looks, then this is the appropriate type of car paint finish. This paint finish is one of the most expensive of the different paint finishes. It is hard to repair the gloss finish. If you even try to do it by yourself, you will damage your expensive gloss finish.





There are different options available for a paint job. Always choose wisely according to your requirements as well as budget. Be aware of the service provider selling their services in the name of some special paint finish. They are making you a fool. There is no such paint finish available unless and until you are not customizing it.

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