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DIY car interior decoration ideas

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Making your car interior look luxurious and comfortable is not always expensive. All you need is a few car accessories and DIY car decoration ideas. These DIY car decoration tips can transform your car interior and give you the feel of a luxurious sports car.

Messy car interiors can ruin several things, and one of them is your first impression of someone. You can transform your car interior even at a very feasible budget.

Several car interior accessories will help you transform your car interior from scratch to a luxurious one, along with these DIY car interior ideas.


1.Car seat cover


Changing the car seat cover is the first DIY car decoration idea to transform a car interior the way you like. If you always dreamt of having leather seats, then this is the time you should make it happen. Your car’s fabric seat doesn’t give your car interior that premium look, so leather seat covers will not only increase your car’s aesthetic but will also protect your car’s upholstery from further damage.


2.LED footwell lightning


If your car doesn’t have footwell lights, try LED light strips. Footwell lighting provides another level of look to your car interior, especially while long drives at night.

These LED strips are not even expensive, and you can easily find them at any online or offline store. Not only footwell, but you can also decorate your car’s dashboard with these LED strips and some DIY car decoration ideas.


3.Sun visor Mirror


Don’t worry if your car has no vanity mirror, as having a vanity mirror is no big deal in 2021. Several aftermarket mirrors are available that can easily attach to your car’s sun visor. Now you can use that vanity mirror and design it according to your needs using some DIY car decoration ideas. A few sun visor mirrors are also available with inbuilt LED lights so that you can use them even in dim light or dark.


4.Steering wheel cover 


This cover is another thing that you can either make yourself or purchase a new one online. Steering wheel cover can revamp your car’s interior. Long journeys can make your hand feel burning. You can stitch a steering wheel cover in your favorite color and fabric with the help of DIY car interior decoration ideas.

If you want to give a leather touch to your steering wheel, you can purchase a leather steering wheel cover from the market.



5.Changing the door fiber


Another DIY car interior decoration thing that you can do to restyle your car interior is to change the door fiber panels. If your car has fiber panels, you can change them in whatever color and style you want. You can also manage the storage space included with your doors by covering the inside of that storage area with whatever fabric and color you like. This way you can make more use of it.


6.Dashboard redesigning


If your car is old enough, then the chances of your dashboard getting dull are a lot. You can give a new look to your car dashboard by yourself using DIY car interior decoration ideas and fabric. If you want to give a soft touch to your dashboard, you can use a fabric cover to cover it. In case you want it to be shiny, then you can go for some hydrographic printing.


7.Gearstick knob


Your usual car gear stick can make you get bored after using it for a long time. There are various aftermarket gear stick knobs available that can change your mood regarding your gear stick. If you don’t want to replace your factory-built gear stick, then you can choose gear stick covers. These covers will cover your gear stick in whatever design you like.

Moreover, you can stitch your gear stick cover using some of the DIY car interior decoration ideas.




A musty car can ruin your perfectly built friendship, so the fragrance is a must-have accessory for your vehicle. There are different air diffusers available in the market, and you can choose one of them according to your needs. Several AC vent mount diffusers are also available so that you don’t have to show your diffuser. These diffusers will fill your car air with fragrance every time you use your car AC.

Sometimes it happens that you like the smell but not the design of the air diffuser. In this case, you can redesign it in whatever way you want by using some DIY car interior decoration ideas.



9.Child car seats


Child safety is crucial to every parent, but it is hard to carry your child in your lap during the whole journey. There are different car seats available according to the age of the child. You can also read “Different types of child car seats” for reference and choose the best one for your child.


10.Car back seat organizer


This thing is another step that will make your car life much more carefree and organized. You can stitch the car back seat organizer by yourself using your favorite fabric with the help of DIY car decoration ideas. If you don’t want to make your car back seat organizer, you can purchase them online. There is a large variety of them available in the market.




These are some of the DIY car interior decoration ideas and accessories that will help you revamp your car interior. A new car excites everyone, but as time passes, we get bored with the same look of the interior. These DIY car interior ideas will help you get free from the same old-age car interior look.

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