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Whether you are a new car owner or driving it for a long time, maintenance is necessary for every car. With adequate knowledge, car maintenance is easy to perform.

This read is helpful if you are looking for tasks that you can generally perform by yourself and want to keep your car in optimal condition.


1.Battery check 


A car battery is necessary for providing a large amount of electric current for the engine, starter, or other electrical components. It also stores the excess electric charge generated by the alternator while the car is running.

Several factors affect battery performance, such as extreme cold, or heat, rain, etc. The battery terminal gets corroded if not looked after for a long time. Regularly clean the battery terminals and be careful not to touch both terminals at the same time.


2.Tire pressure


Regularly check your car’s tire pressure. Fully inflated tires increase the fuel efficiency of a car engine. Check your car’s user manual for the optimum tire pressure. If the tire pressure is low, the area in contact with the ground will increase. This contact will eventually increase the friction. So, the load on the engine increases, and the fuel efficiency decreases. So always maintain optimum tire pressure.


3.Spark plug cleaning


Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. A faulty or dirty air filter can be a cause your car is not starting up. This faulty air filter also decreases fuel efficiency and your car engine performance. Regular cleaning of the spark plug is necessary. You can clean a spark plug with a thick brush. Always clean the tip of the spark plug. This cleaning will also increase the efficiency of your engine. 


4.Tire balancing and wheel alignment


Proper tire balancing and wheel alignment are necessary for the smooth rotation of your car tires. It also provides a quicker response to your car steering. If the tire balance is not adequate, your car will face a pull towards one side even when moving in a straight line. Tire balancing refers to balancing the overall weight equally among the four tires. Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of the vehicle suspension.

For tire balancing and wheel alignment, you have to take your car to a garage.


5.Interior cleaning


No matter whether your car has fiber upholstery or leather upholstery, it needs maintenance. Vacuum clean your car’s seat at least once a month if you are using it daily. Do not park your car in direct sun as hot air can even more damage your car’s interior, so always park your car in the shade. If something has spilled on your car seat, remove it as soon as possible to avoid getting any hard marks. 


6.Engine oil check


Regularly check your car’s engine oil level. This engine oil is necessary for the smooth working of your car’s engine parts. If the engine oil falls below the minimum level, it will cause an increment of friction between the engine components. This friction will increase the load on the engine as the engine has to overcome more force to deliver the same output. This friction will also reduce your car’s mileage. So, regularly change your car’s engine oil and remember to use only the adequate amount and type of engine oil for your vehicle.


7.Brake fluid


Brake fluid is necessary for the efficiency of a car’s braking duties.

Check for any leakages around your car’s brake. Leakage can be found easily, as when leakages happen, you will find dirt stuck around your car’s brake.

Regular cleaning of your car’s brake is necessary for effective braking as the dust which sticks to your car brakes will affect the working of brakes.


8.Get the check engine light checked


There are several issues due to which the check engine light illuminates. It could be a dead battery, faulty alternator, failed oxygen sensor, or bad catalytic converter. You can check for issues by running the onboard diagnostics. 

You should never ignore the check engine light as it may be due to some minor issue but can also be due to severe problems with your car, like engine misfiring. There are other signs also available on your dashboard. Always look after every symptom and never ignore any of them.


9.Wiper blades and fluids 


Wipers are crucial for proper visibility. Wiper works with wiper fluids. Regular checkup of wiper fluid will increase the efficiency of cleaning by the wipers.

Also, change wiper blades at regular intervals. They get used up with every usage, so always replace the wiper blades with a new one when needed.




Wash your car regularly to remove all the dirt and grease from its body. Also, drive it to a garage at least once a month for thorough cleaning.

Clean your car’s interior regularly and avoid eating anything on your car seats.




These are some of the maintenance tips which will help you maintain your car in a new-like condition. There are several other tasks related to different parts of your vehicle that you should keep in mind for the smooth working of your car.

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