How to choose a perfect bike rack for your car

How to choose a perfect bike rack for your car?

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Everyone likes cycling in the summer season. Carrying a cycle to the place you want to ride will be difficult if you don’t know how to load it properly. The other thing you might do is that you will decide to pedal to the riding spot. This paddling will leave you with no energy for further adventure cycling. So to carry a cycle over a car, a bike rack will help you.

There are different types of bicycle racks available in the market.

Have a look at each one of them:


Hatch mounted bicycle racks.


These bicycle racks do not need a hitch connection. They will strap onto the backside of your vehicle. 

You can easily strap these bicycle racks over your car’s trunk.

These bicycle racks are the most common and are not very expensive.

The only problem with these bicycle racks is the difficulty in loading them on and off the car. Since they are attached to the trunk, so access to the car’s trunk is not possible. Because of this, they are not very suitable for long road trips.

This bicycle rack is available in up to 4-bicycle capacities.


Hanging racks


These bicycle racks connect with the car through the hitch. The bicycle keeps on hanging on the support provided by these racks. These bicycle racks are also generally inexpensive. The main feature of a hanging bicycle rack is that it can swing to either side. This movement makes it easy to open the trunk. In addition to this, they also do not extend much towards the back.

The carrying capacity varies from 2 to 4 bicycles, depending upon the model.


Platform racks


As you can guess, the bike stands over a platform provided by this rack. These racks are also known as tray racks.

They are also hitch-connected racks which means you can have easy access to your vehicle’s trunk. It comes with a tilting feature to make it easier to load and unload your bicycle.

The carrying capacity varies from 2 to 4 bicycles according to the model.


Vertical bicycle racks


This rack is also a hitch-connected bicycle rack. In this bicycle rack, bicycles hang vertically and mount under the fork. To load your cycle, you have to strap the bottom wheel to the lower part of the rack.

The carrying capacity of the vertical bicycle rack is up to 6 bicycles.


Roof mount bicycle racks


These bicycle racks help you carry a bicycle over the roof of your vehicle. They do not need any hitch, so you don’t have to invest in that. This bicycle rack attaches to your vehicle’s roof crossbars.

Roof mount bike racks do not cover the rear view of your vehicle.

The carrying capacity is one or two bicycles. Some roof mount bicycle racks even require the removal of wheels. If you know how to remove the wheel, then you can choose this type of bicycle rack.


How to choose a bicycle rack for your car?


There are several factors to consider when choosing a bike rack for your car. These factors include the type of bicycle you want to carry, whether a mountain bicycle or a woman’s cycle with no top tube, etc. The width of tires will also affect your choice of car-bicycle racks. Another factor is how many bikes you want to carry. Roof mount rack loads one or two bicycles. If you need to load more than this, it will be of no use to you.



Things to consider while choosing a bike rack.


Loading and unloading ease

It is one of the crucial points to consider. You will try to purchase a bicycle rack that accommodates the easy loading and unloading of your bicycle. Choosing a roof rack means you have to lift the cycle over your head or even more high to get it on the roof of your car. The platform bicycle rack provides hassle-free loading and unloading of a bicycle.

Trunk access

Many racks do not let access to the trunk while the bicycle is once loaded. However, some bicycle racks allow you to access your vehicle trunk even with a cycle on the bicycle rack. Access to the tank is possible in the bicycle rack, which accommodates features like tilt and swing. So look out for the tilt and swing feature in the bicycle rack if you want one with trunk access.


Many bicycle racks come in contact with the bicycle frame, and they can damage the paint or scratch the bicycle frame. A hanging bicycle rack hangs your bicycle with the frame, and hanging increases the chances of damage. On the other hand, Platform Bicycle Racks come in minimal contact with the cycle. This minimum contact is also with the tires. If you own an expensive bicycle, then look out for these features.


Best bicycle rack for sedans and coupe


Well, you might wonder why there is a need to classify bike racks according to vehicle type. The reason is that sedans and coupe have lower ground clearance. Low ground clearance means the hitch mount bicycle racks are not suitable for these cars. If you use a hitch mount bike rack, there are several possibilities that the bicycle will hit the ground. So for sedans and coupe generally roof mount and trunk mount bicycle racks are the best options.


Best bicycle rack for minivans and SUVs


SUVs and minivans have relatively higher ground clearance. So they can accommodate any bicycle racks. Choose the best one according to capacity, trunk access, and ease of loading and unloading.




These are the different types of bicycle racks. Choose according to your requirement and vehicle type. Always check for the size of the bicycle rack, if it fits your car or not. Secure every connection thoroughly and make sure that the tilt and swing screw is tight. Use a user manual to equip these bicycle racks by yourself.

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