How to prevent your car from rusting

How to prevent your car from rusting

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Rust over the car surface is the same as acne over human skin. While the reasons for acne are several, rusting has only one reason: water & oxygen. If not treated on time, corrosion could become a critical auto care problem. Thousands of cars reach the scrapyard due to this rust. 

There are several ways by which you can protect your car from rusting. The only mechanism behind all these ways is to prevent the water and oxygen from coming in contact with the metal surface. Although coatings also do not provide total protection against rust, they considerably eliminate it. But before heading to all those prevention, first, have a look at what rust is?


What is rust?


The formation of rust is due to the chemical reaction of a metal with water in the presence of oxygen. In this reaction, metal and water react to form rust. Therefore over time, the metal will change to rust. Water does not necessarily mean the presence of it in liquid form. It could be in any form like moisture, humidity, etc. 

So, to prevent rusting, you have to eliminate the contact of metal with water and oxygen. 


How to prevent car surfaces from rusting?


There are several products available that provide a protective covering over the metal surface. Some of these are temporary and cheap, while others are permanent and expensive. So, have a look at each one of these ways.


Blow-dry after cleaning


Every car owner washes their car to maintain it in the best condition. Washing is good for the maintenance of your automobile, but the leftover water isn’t. The water droplets left over the car surface especially, on the underbody areas, will lead to more chances of rusting. If you generally wash your car at home, then try not to water wash the underbody. If you water wash your car’s underbody, drive it for a few minutes to remove the excessive leftover water droplets.


Ceramic coating


Ceramic coating is a better option to protect your car from rusting. Although no coating can provide you 100% rust protection, the ceramic coating offers you the most protection. Earlier, waxing used to be the option to prevent rust, but that needs a regular application for best results. Ceramic coating is a polymer that blends with the car paint and does not damage even in severe conditions. Polish is required to remove the ceramic coating. To know more about ceramic coating, you can read on to this “Ceramic coating: Working, Advantages, and Disadvantages.”



Teflon coating


Similar to the ceramic coating is the Teflon coating. It is more like a cheaper option for ceramic coating. Although they have limited differences in their usage, both of them protect the car’s exterior.

Teflon coating is a coating of complex polymer and protects the car surface against environmental damage. Application of Teflon coating can be in the form of spray for better and even coverage. Teflon coating on the underbody parts of a vehicle can protect it from rusting up to a large extent. To know more about Teflon coating, you can read this “What is Teflon coating?”


Parking in closed space


Another significant and very general way to prevent rusting is to park your car in a closed space. This step will somewhat eliminate the chance of direct contact with water in case of rain or snow. This step does not imply that parking in a closed space will 100% protect your car from rusting. As you know that moist air can also be a reason for rusting, this means parking in a closed room doesn’t imply total protection from rust.  


Body sealer


It is a compound used to seal rust-prone joints. Sealing the joints will eliminate the chances of water entering the inner parts of the vehicle. Application of body sealer is generally for body panels like doors, windows, tailgate, roof, etc. 

Sealing the joints protects the inside of the metal surface and not the exterior surface.




Undercoating is a more specific technique that prevents the underbody of a vehicle from rusting. There’s a constant exposure of the vehicle underbody to dirt particles, gravel, and others found over the road. This technique includes the coating of the components available over the vehicle underbody with some preventive solution.


Using rust converter


The use of a rust converter can protect your car’s metal parts from rusting. It provides a protective covering of rust itself over the metal parts. Rust is chemically processed, and a layer of this processed rust is applied to the car metal parts, especially underbody metal parts. 




Elimination of rust is not possible, but its prevention is possible by proper means. There are several products available that claim to protect your car’s body from corrosion. Regular checkups can prevent severe damage to your vehicle. Check for scratches, dents, and paint chips over the car body. 

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