How to tow a car perfectly?

How to tow a car perfectly?

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How to tow a car perfectly? Towing a car or any other vehicle can be a tricky process. It will be a piece of cake if done right, but if not taken care of it would be disastrous.

Driving an individual automobile is very different from driving a vehicle with another vehicle attached. Even a slight mistake can result in an accident. These small mistakes will cost a lot to you.

There are many things to keep in mind, like your vehicle’s towing capacity or anything extra you will need to tow that extra load. Towing a car is not that tough with the appropriate steps and procedures.

So before the procedure, have a look at the types of equipment.


Equipment required for towing a vehicle




Well, this is the most basic and most essential thing you will need. Your toolbox should contain every tool starting from a basic screwdriver, fasteners, and lighters. You don’t know what tools you will need at any instant. So always carry as many as you can.


Tie-down ropes or chain

If you have luggage over the car you are towing, you don’t want it to fall apart midway. So, to secure them tightly, you should carry tie-down ropes. Also, if your car’s hitch breaks, you can tow the car up to some distance using these tie-down ropes.


Ball mount

A ball mount is a more secure connection between both of your vehicles. The ball mount gets fixed into the hitch receiver, and a pin secures the connection. There are different ball mounts available in the market, depending on how much weight they can pull. So choose according to your tow weight.


Safety chains

This chain will keep your car connected to the towed vehicle even if the hitch connection breaks or loses. These chains have an S-hook at the ending. This S-hook easily connects, both with your car and towed vehicle.


Spare tires

Spare tires are very much necessary when you are towing a vehicle.

You may have to face a flat tire. So to eliminate this possibility, always carry a spare tire.


How to tow a car with another car?


Towing a car with any other vehicle is a simple process if you follow every safety measure. There are different ways by which you can easily tow a car with your other vehicle.


Towing with a chain

Towing with a chain is the most common when you need to tow a car on the highway. Towing with the chain is also the most dangerous way of towing a vehicle. Hence its usage should be up to a short distance with a slower speed than usual.

Always check the strength of the chain you are using. If the chains have rust over them, avoid using them.

There should be an appropriate slack in the chain.

Remember, the slack should neither be much more that the chain touches the ground nor too tight that it gets difficult to control the towed vehicle.

Always apply gentle breaks. As there is no rigid connection between both the vehicles, the towed vehicle will slam into your car if you press the brakes very hard.

How to tow a car using a small trailer or dolly?

Tow Dolly is used to tow a car with the help of another vehicle. Tow Dolly is a kind of small trailer. 

The main benefit of using a Tow Dolly is that it provides a secure connection between both vehicles.

Unlike chain towing, it has a rigid connection. A rigid connection means that a towed car will not slam your vehicle. But this doesn’t mean you can apply hard breaks.

Try to avoid hard breaks in any circumstance.


Towing a car with a trailer

Towing a car with a trailer is one of the safest ways to tow your vehicle perfectly. Unlike Tow Dolly in trailers, all the four wheels of the towed car will be over the trailer.

Always secure the car over the trailer. Apply handbrake after the vehicle is on the trailer. You can also use tie-down ropes to eliminate the risk of any movement.

Always check your car’s towing capacity. In this case, the total weight to be towed will increase as the trailer weight also adds to it.


Towing a car with Tow bar

A tow bar is also most commonly used to tow a car by a car. This Tow bar attaches to the hitch, which will be available at the back of your vehicle. Generally, there are two types of a Tow bar. The first one is a single Tow bar. This tow bar has only one bar, which means it has only one connection point to connect the car to be towed. This one connection is rather unsafe also as the towed vehicle will start swinging.

The other type of Tow bar is A-type. This Tow-bar has two connection points for the towed vehicle. This two connection setup provides much more stability as compared to the single connection Tow bar.

Try to avoid steep turns as this will put a lot of pressure on the Tow bar.

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Tips for perfectly towing a car by another Car


Always drive slowly

Slow driving is always a better option, and if you are towing a vehicle, you should check on your speed. Driving slowly, you can handle your car more effectively even if a sudden incident happens.


Do not apply hard brakes.

Try not to apply hard brakes and sudden movements. When you apply hard brakes, it will exert high pressure on hitches if the connection is rigid. This excess pressure can even break the hitch connection, and your towed car might get unconnected from your vehicle.


Don’t make sharp turns.

Always try to make bigger turns. Sharp turn exerts a lot of pressure on the connection. Due to this pressure, there is a possibility that the connection might break.


Change lanes slowly and very cautiously.

Driving an individual car is very different from driving a vehicle with another towed car. It will take double the time to make a turn than it usually takes. So be cautious and wait for the appropriate time while changing lanes.


Secure connection

Always secure the connection. Use more than one connection to tow your vehicle. Along with the rigid ball connection, you can also use chains. So if the ball mount connection fails, there will be something to hold your car attached to another vehicle.




All these are different methods by which you can tow your car by another car. Always choose the safest one and check that the connection is tight and strong enough to bear all that weight and pressure.

There could be more than one reason behind your vehicle’s stoppage. Read “What to do if a car stops midway” to get on to some solution other than towing.

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