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In this Modern world, there are so many varieties in Cars transmission as well as plenty of options available for drivetrains such as four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, choices in engine type like electric and conventional gas, there are enormous possibilities when you are shopping for your vehicle. So, you also have to make another important decision before buying your vehicle is which type of transmission you want. So, today we are discussing the two different types of car transmission- Manual and Automatic. 

In a manual transmission, shifting gears is the responsibility of the driver but in an automatic transmission, shifting is done by the vehicle itself. Basically, in the manual transmission, you have to do everything manually while driving your vehicle in which you have to physically shift your vehicle by using the shift knob and clutch pedal into different gears. While the Automatic transmission does the grunt job for you like changing the gear smoothly when you push on the gas pedal. Hence, the question becomes whether to choose manual transmission or automatic transmission?

Basics of Transmission:

Transmission is an important part of your vehicle, it is a metal case that consists of a series of gears. Transmissions help your vehicle is moving forward by applying the power which is created by the vehicle engine. The basic role of the car transmission is to control the right amount of power that goes to the wheels and determines that you are driving at the right speed. The two main elements of transmission are Shaft and Gears. The shaft is used to take energy from the engine to help the vehicle move, whereas Gears help in determining the range of speed you can reach. Each gear runs in a specific ratio to make sure that wheels and engines do not spin at equal speed.

Features of Manual Transmission Vs Automatic Transmission:

Manual Transmission-

manual transmission

Generally, drivers prefer to do everything manually of their vehicle such as manual car transmission in which assigns the shifting of engine gears over to the driver. Manual car transmission is preferred by many drivers due to the following features-

  • Inexpensive- Manual car Transmission is less expensive as compared to Automatic car transmission for the same model. The buyers who prefer to do car shopping on a budget, then there is no point of comparison between Manual Transmission Vs Automatic Transmission.  
  • Easy Maintenance- An Automatic transmission requires high maintenance and costs you heavily to keep running properly. But Manual Transmission requires less maintenance as compared to Automatic Transmission. Even if there is a requirement of repairing and fixing problems in manual transmission, it will not cost you much. But the only problem in a manual transmission is “Clutch” if the clutch doesn’t work properly then it could be trouble for you.
  • Good Fuel Efficiency- Manual transmission is less complicated, has lesser weight, and consists of more gears than automatic transmission which gives you the best result in terms of covering more kilometers as compared to Automatic transmission. So, manual transmission saves fuel costs up to 15% which is economically beneficial for drivers.
  • Easy to Control- Manual Transmission allow drivers to have all the control over their vehicle. Undoubtedly, Automatic transmission is best in choosing gear for all situations, but it has some disadvantages like shifting too high of a gear which leads to wastage of engine power. As they are designed to respond to different conditions that they encounter, so they don’t allow the driver to prevent the approaching trouble.

Automatic Transmission-

automatic transmission

Within the past few years, Automatic car transmission has replaced manual car transmission. An automatic transmission is very popular but it is still not a good choice for many drivers. But, they do have some good features as compared to manual transmission such as-

  • Restricted to manual inputs- In modern times, most of the new drivers are learning the safest way to drive by keeping both hands gently on the wheel always while driving. This can be done only on the automatic transmission, but it is not possible in manual transmission.
  • Easy to operate- Even though there is no difficulty in working a clutch and shifting gears, but still mostly drivers take more time and practice to get comfortable in learning manual transmission. But Automatic transmission is much easier and simpler for drivers because it takes lesser time to learn.

Better for heavy traffic- In an automatic transmission, drivers can easily move their vehicles without pushing the pedal more than once. This is not a problem but manual transmission vehicles require time to get up to speed, it becomes difficult for drivers to constantly start and then stop the vehicle.

  • Useful in hilly areas- Mostly, it is difficult to manage the manual transmission vehicle in the hilly areas for less experienced drivers. But, Automatic transmission can fix all the issues by operating smoothly itself, regardless of how steep inclines are present in hills.

What are the Pros & Cons of Manual Transmission Vs Automatic Transmission?


Manual Transmission Vs Automatic Transmission: Pros

Manual Transmission-

  • The driver got more indulge in the inner working of the vehicle.
  • The driver can fully control the gears and shift.
  • Manual transmission is quite cheap as compared to Automatic transmission.
  • Requires low-cost maintenance and repair for transmission.

Automatic Transmission-

  • Convenient for drivers in heavy traffic.
  • The majority of modern vehicles have automatic transmissions.
  • Easy to learn and automatic shiftable transmission for drivers.
  • Offers the best mileage, smoother, and quicker transmission shifts.

Manual Transmission Vs Automatic Transmission: Cons

Manual Transmission-

  • Manual Transmission took a longer time to get speed up in heavy traffic.
  • It requires careful control on hills to prevent rolling or stalling back.
  • Limited choices of vehicles offering a manual transmission.
  • Have the learning Curve and clutch give pain.

Automatic Transmission- 

  • Automatic Transmission is more expensive as compared to Manual Transmission.
  • Due to several moving parts, it leads to an increase in repair costs.
  • If you pass in driving lessons for automatic transmission then you will get the only license for automatic and not for manual transmission vehicles.
  • For drivers who love to do inner working manually, then driving in an Automatic transmission vehicle is not fun. 

Which Transmission is suitable for you?

So, Choosing which type of transmission is best suitable for you is dependent upon your preference and need. If you have to do a lot of city driving, then an automatic transmissions vehicle is best suitable for you because it would be easier to get speed up in heavy traffic as compared to a manual transmission.

But, if you are considering driving experience and performance, then you should choose manual transmission. Moreover, test driving will let you know which type of transmission is best suitable for you because you are the only one who needs to use the vehicle.

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