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Paint Protection Film (PPF)|All You Need To Understand

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A single scratch on your car can make you upset, right? Car’s paint needs a permanent solution to stay protected from all the scratches to make your car look brand new and shiny all the time. In India, we are very well aware of the hectic traffic conditions as well as the narrow escapes we confront every day. But, every time it’s not possible to get an edging escape from scratches. So, we need Paint Protection Film for our car to prevent scratches and keep the shiny look every time. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is considered one of the finest ways to maintain the shine and quality of the car. PPF will keep the car look newer for longer duration without altering the color or design feature by shielding the sensitive areas such as a hood, side mirrors, front bumpers, door edges, rear fender panels, door handle cavities, and rocker panels.

This mind-blowing material is made up of thermoplastic urethane film which is ductile as well as self-curing which makes it impeccable Car PPF. The Car PPF provides full protection from the sun by working as a protective layer between paint and sun to prevent fading. Also, Car PPF is invisible to see from naked eyes so, during the protection of your car from unsightly scratches and chips, it won’t destroy the aesthetic of the car.

Evolution of PPF

During the period of 1960s, the US Department was experiencing major issues with helicopter rotor blades as well as other delicate military equipment were damaged due to the flying shrapnel or debris. Then, they contacted 3M Corporation to develop a protective layer/film that should be transparent.


The purpose of the transparent protective film was to protect glossy-ness to the surface. The PPF helped in keeping helicopter blades protected from sandy and harsh environments. Also, the engineers realized the fact that PPF can be easily replaced and more cost-effective than repairing the damaged blades. This whole process leads to the creation of a PPF.

Now, Car service providers are growing their business and making money by selling PPF. The demand for PPF has immensely increased in today’s world for every part of the car. Over time there have been significant improvements were made for setting up installation easily and coloration of PPF. Also, the thickness of the PPF has changed over time, now the car PPF is thinner and more flexible as per various curves and shapes of the car.

Types of Paint Protection Film:

Earlier 3M manufactures the Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Cars, but now several manufacturers offer the paint protection film for automobile applications. The name of other leading PPF for cars includes Xpel Paint Protection Film, Suntek Paint Protection, Llumar Platinum. 

The 3M’s PPF for cars is sold under multiple categories of brand names, few of them are:

paint film

  • Clear Wrap
  • Clear Bra
  • Car Scratch Protection Film 
  • Clear Mask
  • Invisible Shield
  • Rock Chip Protection

Advantages of Paint Protection Film

  • Good Quality PPF for cars used as car lamination could be last till 10 years. Automobile Paint Protection is profitable only when a good quality PPF is used. 
  • PPF act as a protector against rock chips and minor scratches. This amazing Car lamination maintains the shine till ages and improves the resale value of the car.
  • PPF for cars could be considered as a one-time investment, it would deliver the best quality protection for a longer period and you can save your hard-earned money.
  • Paint Protection Film helps in preventing high-intensity and deeper scratches. Also, it prevents damages on car paint which is caused by stone chips and road debris.
  • The best part about PPF for cars is to have self-healing properties which increase its demand among customers. Also, it will protect the car from unsightly damages which are hard to see from naked eyes.
  • They do a wonderful job of protecting the car’s surface where we applied PPF. Extreme scratches on PPF cars automatically deteriorate while exposed to sunlight UV rays, normal wear, and tear, or hot water.
  • The Urethane transparent film is extremely resistant to a harmful substance, corrosion, and acidic contaminations. Also, provide protection against bird droppings, acid rain, bug splatter, mineral deposits, and much more. This Unique material helps in reducing oxidization because of the extreme exposure to UV rays.

For a scratch-less car, we recommend you to get Paint Protection Film (PPF) for cars. You can visit Mekvahan for car wrapping, Car detailing, Paint Protection Film, Car Coating, and much more!

Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film:

  • Might reduce the shinning of the car’s paint.
  • Chances of discoloring and producing a yellowish-glow, for this you should be very careful while applying the PPF product on car, make sure that you purchase good quality PPF.
  • PPF is not a DIY solution, you need professional assistance for perfect automobile Paint Protection Film.
  • If the PPF is damaged then it requires complete replacement.
  • It can damage the paint if you didn’t replace it and left for too long. 
  • Due to improper prep techniques or poor installation of the PPF can cause damage, because of this major issue we suggest you go for an experienced PPF installer.

Steps To Install PPF in Cars:

Paint Protection Film

1.Prep and Clean the Surface: 

Generally, installers use a good degreased agent to vanish off the debris, rather than polish or wax. However, some of the installers apply detailed polish and wax on the car before installing the PPF to enhance the shine.

2.Cutting the Paint Protection Film to fit in different sections:

After preparing the car paint, the installer has to cut the Paint Protection Film for the installation process. Mostly, the installer cut the Paint Protection Film to install in the different sections such as quarter panel, hood, door, rocker panels, and other sections which are less than 5 feet square. Later, they prepare PPF for installation by lining up.

3.Spray Activator:

For the installation of PPF Car bra, it requires an activator- also known as Fitting Solution. The Fitting solution allows the Paint Protection Film to activate the ‘’glue-like” substance, which sticks to the paint surface for reducing stain potential. The fitting solution changes as per the brand of Paint Protection Film, it has ranged from basic water to soap-like substance.

4.Applying & Fitting Paint Protection Film:

Applying and Fitting PPF is not an easy task as it does not fit perfectly immediately after applying the PPF. The PPF requires a series of spraying, squeegee, and moving the Paint Protecting Film. While the PPF is in the right position, the installer uses the squeegee to eliminate the bubbles and creases in the film.

5.Final Step Heat-Activating:

heat activator

After fitting the Paint Protection Film, and eliminating the bubbles, the final step is heat-activating or Drying. The installer uses an Industrial heat gun which helps in activating adhesive which sticks the PPF to the body and provides the tight-fitting.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) for cars is an amazing way to protect your car from scratches and damages. It provides a protective layer that acts as a safeguard to your car’s shine and improves resale value. Feel free to contact Mekvahan for quality service and professional PPF installation of Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Cars or any other vehicle.

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