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Quality car service: Criteria and How to ensure!

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Service quality is something everyone expects when you are submitting your car to a service center. Everything will go smooth and easy unless your free car service ends up. Now you will have two options: either go for the same expensive authorized service center or drive your car up to an authorized service center providing quality service. 

How would you know if that unauthorized service center is providing you quality service or not? There are several possibilities that they have a service center to make money and cares nothing for the service quality.

So, read on to get an insight into some ways by which you can have an idea of car service quality.


Engine oil


It is a basic yet crucial step of car service to change the engine oil. Whether you opt for a general car service or any other car service, each one of them will include an engine oil change. You have to check whether the car service center is using quality engine oil or low-grade engine oil. Ask the service center manager for the bill for the engine oil used. If they are reluctant to provide you the invoice, then this means they have used low-grade engine oil. Further, it indicates that the quality of car service will not be good.


Spare parts


Check for the spare parts used by a car service center. This step is another way you can check the quality of car service. If the mechanic uses low-quality spare parts without informing you, this is a clear sign that they are not delivering a quality service to your car. A genuine car service center will always use originally manufactured OEM so that you do not face any issues while claiming your car warranty. Local spare parts void the warranty policy, and this will cost you a lot.


Lack of equipment


The next thing you have to check is the equipment used by your car service center to deliver the service. In the lack of proper equipment, the chances of quality car service are low. The most common equipment you can check for is spark plug cleaner, vacuum cleaner, automatic tire balancing and alignment machine, etc. If the service center has all these essential equipment, then there might be a possibility that they are delivering quality service.


Products used 


Another way of checking for the quality of car service is to check the products used by the service center. Products used for cleaning, greasing, and many more should be of good quality to deliver quality service. You can straightforwardly ask the mechanic what brand of cleaning products they are using. Usage of quality products is the only way one can deliver a quality service.


Warranty claim


Warranty is another criterion of reliability of the service delivered by the car service center. You can ask the service center manager for the warranty of the spare parts they used. They may be reluctant to provide you any warranty card or may not provide you with the exact warranty period of spare parts used. If this happens, then this is a sign that they do not deliver any quality car service.




Invoice is another thing you can ask for to ensure the quality of car service. If the mechanic provides you an invoice with proper breakage of total charges of your car service, then you can at least be sure about the products used. If he is not providing you an invoice or if it provides you a rough breakage of cost on a piece of paper, then this is a sign that they are trying to mislead you.


Trained mechanics


The most crucial point is to check if the service center has a trained mechanic or not. Lack of qualified mechanics will lead to unprofessional car service. You can handily figure out if the mechanics are qualified or not. Just have a look at how they deliver their duties and how they handle every tool.


Brand experience


The service center you choose for your car service doesn’t necessarily need to have experience servicing your car’s brand. If they do not have any experience with your car’s brand, then the chances of delivering quality service are low. Check out the banners of the service center for the mentioned brands.




The reputation of the service center is an important point that indicates whether it delivers a quality service or not. Check out the reviews of the service center on the internet. These reviews will tell you a lot about the service center and its services.




All these are the steps by which you can figure out if the services delivered are quality service or not. Most of the time, these steps will help you but not necessarily every time. For instance, a service center may not have any reviews over the internet, yet it may deliver quality service

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