Reasons why car mileage has dropped

Reasons why car mileage has dropped?

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Buying a four-wheeler is much easier than maintaining it. A good fuel economy can save much of your wealth. Fuel consumption can increase due to several factors.

So, here’s a list of factors due to which your car’s fuel consumption has increased.


1.Clogged/Dirty Carburetor


Cogged carburetors could be a reason your car’s fuel consumption has increased. The function of a carburetor is to provide an appropriate air/fuel mixture to the combustion chamber. This combustion is necessary for the functioning of the car engine. If the carburetor is dirty, it will not supply an appropriate air/fuel mixture, and hence, the engine will require even more energy to deliver the same output.

In this way, a dirty or clogged carburetor can be a reason for increased fuel consumption.

The solution to this issue is that you have to clean your carburetor, or in case it is much more clogged, you have to replace it with a new one.




Frequent idling can also be a reason for your car’s increased fuel consumption. Idling means your vehicle is in a state of rest while the engine is on and implies that you have no requirement for any power output, and still, your vehicle engine is working. Hence if the car engine is working, it will consume fuel, which increases fuel consumption.

The only solution to this issue is to cut off your car engine whenever the car is not in motion.


3.Engine issue or faulty engine 


The engine is the main component of your car, and it is also the only component that consumes fuel for its working. A well-maintained car engine can perform to its maximum capacity with an appropriate amount of petrol or diesel. If the car engine is faulty or not working suitably, it will consume more than the usual quantity of fuel to produce the same output.

The solution to a faulty engine is to get it serviced by an expert mechanic or book a service at mekvahan for your car’s engine service by professionals.


4.Clogged or dirty Air filter


A dirty or clogged air filter could be another reason for increased fuel consumption by your car. The function of an air filter is to filter the air, and this filtered air reaches the carburetor, which provides the air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber.

The air from the air filter contains oxygen, which is necessary for the combustion of fuel. So in case of a clogged or dirty air filter, the required amount of air will not pass through it. Insufficient air means insufficient oxygen for combustion, and in the absence of oxygen, the carburetor will send more fuel to the combustion chamber to balance the loss of oxygen. 

In this way, a clogged air filter can lead to increased fuel consumption.

The solution to this issue is to clean your air filter regularly and replace it if badly clogged with dirt.


5.Using Air conditioner 


Using an air conditioner can also increase the fuel consumption of your car. In the air conditioning system, there is a motor that requires rotation of its components. Engine delivers the power necessary for this rotation through a serpentine belt. This motor further transfers power to the air conditioning system. Hence the power is drawn from the engine, which means consumption of fuel will increase. To get an insight into how using AC increases fuel consumption, read “Does using car AC increase fuel consumption.”

The solution to this issue is to reduce the usage of air conditioning systems.


6.Tire pressure


Tire pressure is also an important criterion to look for if your car’s fuel consumption has increased. Appropriate tire pressure is necessary for the smooth motion of any vehicle. In the case of low tire pressure, your vehicle tire will have much more area in contact with the road or ground. More contact area will increase friction, and as you might know, friction force works opposite to the direction of motion.

Now, your car engine needs to overcome more friction to maintain the same speed. This friction will increase the load on the car engine, and hence fuel consumption will increase.

The solution for this issue is to maintain the appropriate tire pressure mentioned in your car’s user manual.


7.Inappropriate Engine Oil


Engine oil is the necessary fluid for the smooth working of your car engine. It provides the essential lubrication between the moving parts of the car engine. 

There are different types of engine oil required for varied car engines. The type of engine oil necessary for any particular car engine depends on its capacities.

In case of inappropriate engine oil, it will not provide the necessary lubrication required to decrease the friction. Hence fiction will increase, and this will lead to heat generation. Now, engine parts will need more energy to overcome this friction, and eventually, this will cause increased fuel consumption. The solution to this issue is to use appropriate engine oil as mentioned in your car’s user manual.


8.Aggressive Driving Habits


An increase in fuel consumption is not always associated with your car issues. It could be due to the driver’s driving habits. There are several ways of driving that will affect fuel consumption. 

For instance, there is always an economical speed range given for every vehicle, and if you drive at a speed more than that, your car’s fuel consumption will also be more than usual. Another way is that you accelerate your car to full speed right from starting. This sudden acceleration also puts a lot of pressure on the engine and will lead to increased fuel consumption.




These are the reasons why your car mileage has dropped. If you are facing a bad fuel economy, then look for these issues and if you are still unable to find any of them, then book a service at  

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