Signs that your car needs engine service

Signs that your car needs engine service

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Owning a car is much easier than maintaining it. Its maintenance and repair can be a headache if you don’t know when and what needs repair In case of any issue, you have to take your car to the service center. If the problem is unknown to you, the garage owners will tell you a lot more than the actual issue. this ignorance will cost a lot to you, and to avoid this, you might want to repair your car from the authorized service centers. These service centers are even more expensive.

So all these problems could be less a problem if you know what that problem is.

 Here we will talk about all the signs that indicate that your car needs an engine repair.

Several indications will tell you that your car needs engine service.


Oil leak


An oil leak is an indirect symptom that your engine needs repairing. It will be dark brown or black and will drop out of the car engine. You will see the oil on the floor where the car is parked.

Oil leaks may cause due to some crack in the engine case, or maybe you have filled more than the required quantity.

Oil leaks will lead to increased friction between the moving parts of the engine. Less oil means more friction.

Friction will accelerate the wear and tear of your engine.

If you get it timely repaired then, the wear and tear will be minimal. In case you ignore it, then the possibility of total engine breakdown increases.

Long-time ignorance may lead to irreparable damage. In this case, you have to replace every defective part, which will eventually cost you a lot.


Decreased performance


Decreased performance is a sign related to various issues. Your car performance will decrease due to problems with the air filter, spark plug, or engine issue.

When the engine needs repairing, its performance will decrease. The parts will not work as efficiently as they should work.

Decreased performance includes lower mileage or low acceleration. It also includes a rough idle, which means you will feel vibration even when the engine is idle. Your car will take longer than usual time to start. You will also hear some noise from under the hood.

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Exhaust smoke


Exhaust smoke is usual as your car gets power through combustion. During combustion, exhaust releases smoke. Excessive smoke is an issue.

Excessive smoke from your exhaust may be a sign that your engine needs repairing. This exhaust smoke can be black or white. In both cases, there is some issue with the engine or maybe with the exhaust system.

You should take your car to the service center as soon as possible if you notice excessive exhaust smoke.


Check engine light


Well, this is a more visible sign. But, it does not necessarily mean your engine needs service. Some other issues can also trigger check engine lights. A worn sensor or discharged battery can also so be the reason behind check engine light. If your car has no issues with the sensor or car battery, then it might be the engine that needs service.

Try not to ignore any sign, as ignoring them will lead to a much bigger issue.


Weird or knocking noise


Knocking noise from the engine is a clear sign that your car engine needs service. This noise comes due to friction between the parts when the car engine operates.

When parts start moving, they experience friction, and due to this fiction, weird and squeaky noises will come from under the hood.

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Oil contains metal flakes


This sign will come to your notice only if you change your car engine oil by yourself.

Filter the used engine oil and check for small metal pieces. Metal flakes in car engine oil are a sign that your car engine is experiencing wear and tear.

Due to this wear and tear, small metal pieces break and suspend in the engine oil. These metal flakes come out along the engine oil when you change your car engine oil.


Engine Stalling


Engine stalling means your engine stops when you try to change the gear in manual transmission. In a manual transmission, it may also happen if you do not operate the clutch properly.

If you are changing gear and your engine stops, then this may be a symptom that your engine needs service.

In an automatic transmission, although chances of engine stalling are less yet when it happens frequently, it is a more visible sign of engine issues.




These are the signs that indicate the need for engine repairing. Symptoms like check engine light may refer to more than one problem.

These are the signs which will tell you that your car engine needs service.

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