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A license plate is commonly known as the Number Plates, it is a registration number that is formed with the combination of digits and alphabets. The number plate acts as the identity of your vehicle. Also, there are various types of number plates having different styles that vary as per the type of vehicle used by us. Vehicles can be used for private as well as commercial use, so both types of vehicle usage have a different style of license plate.

You can easily recognize the purpose of the vehicle by looking at the vehicle’s number plate.  Regional Transport Office issues the number plate and places in the front and back side of the vehicle. In the number plate, the initial two letters denote the state or the region of the vehicle such as DL, UP, MH, KL, etc. And, the digits signify the district where the vehicle was registered. India has IND as an International registration code and every Vehicle has a unique set of numbers. 

Generally, the number plate comes under the following combination of colors:

  • Yellow plate with black letters
  • Number plates with an arrow
  • White plate with black letters
  • Black plate with yellow letters
  • Blue plates with white writing
  • Green plates with yellow or white letters
  • Red plate with white letters


number plates


Today, we are discussing various types of number plates in detail:

1.Yellow plate with black letters:

The vehicles charged money by providing services are known as commercial vehicles. The vehicles having yellow with black letters are used for commercial purposes by taxi, trucks, cabs, etc. 

The yellow plate with a black letter has different criteria for paying taxes and sets of rules to follow as compared to number plates having white color, also a commercial driving permit is important for this type of number plate. Also, the set of rules for licensing differs according to the size of the commercial vehicle. 

2. Number plates with an arrow:

The vehicles used by the military have their own unique style of number plate. The vehicles having a number plate with an arrow are used by the army which is also known as military vehicles. The Ministry of Defence in New Delhi registers these vehicles for the military, also the number plate portrays when the vehicle was procured. 

These vehicles have an upward arrow on their registration plate. Also, they have an upward arrow in starting and then the sequence of letters and numbers but in few vehicles, the upward arrow is placed in the 3rd position. And, the numbers are also painted on the vehicle’s side.

3. White plate with black letters:

The vehicles having a white plate with black letters are used for non-commercial purposes because they are privately owned. These types of number plates are used for private vehicles, also this number plate signifies that such types of vehicles are using for personal uses. 

These vehicles cannot be used for commercial purposes like transportation services for goods and passengers. Also, vehicles having this type of number plate cannot be hired as  passenger carriers

4. Black plate with yellow letters:

The rental vehicles have black plates with yellow letters as such vehicles are registered as self-driven or rental because these vehicles can be rented for the purpose of self-driving. The vehicle having this type of number plate are mostly used as transport for luxury hotels. The vehicle owner of this number plate can use the vehicle for commercial purposes without taking a commercial driving permit. 

Also, vehicles with such types of number plates are most common in big cities. There are so many companies providing rental services in which a customer can hire a vehicle having this type of number plate for a certain period of time but make sure the customer has a valid driving license for LMV.

5. Blue plates with white writing:

Vehicles having a different scheme of color for registration plate which is blue plates with white writing are known as diplomatic vehicles. The Diplomatic vehicles belong to a foreign diplomat, it can be either Consular corps, United Nation or Diplomatic Corps which depends upon the first two digits followed by two alphabets.

Blue plates with white writing type of number plates can be seen rarely as well as they have a different style of number plate. 

6. Green plates with yellow or white letters:

There is a new vehicle category known as an electric car from the perspective of License Plate. Indian Government introduced this type of plate for electric cars to promote EVs and these electric cars have a Green background with yellow or white letters.

In the Green plate with white letters, the electric vehicles are privately owned for personal purposes. And in the Green plates with white letters, the electric vehicles are used for commercial purposes. The Green plates with white letters are legally applicable for electric buses as well as electric commercial vehicles on the road.

7. Red plate with white letters:

The red plate with white letters is used for unregistered vehicles. If the brand new vehicle is not permanently registered by RTO then this type of number plate is issued for temporary licensing for the new vehicle. 

The validity of the temporary registration is only 1 month. In India, there is no law for unregistered vehicles license plate, as in some states temporary registered vehicles are not allowed to run on the road but some states issue the temporarily number plates for the vehicles.

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