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What is Teflon coating? Its advantages and disadvantages

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You might know that Teflon is a great addition to your car and is very useful in protecting the car paint, but what exactly is it?

Teflon coating is to a vehicle the same way a screen guard is to a mobile phone. Teflon coating protects a car from environmental wear and tear. It is basically a synthetic resin and is available in four different types: polytetrafluoroethylene( PTFE), perfluoroalkoxy ( PFA), ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene, Fluorinated ethylene-propylene copolymer (FEP). All these raisins are used differently. Parts of a vehicle that can have a Teflon coating are windshield wipers, ball bearings, axels, muffler, car exterior, underbody, and a few more.


Advantages of a Teflon Coating


Teflon coating


Teflon has become popular in a short period due to its various properties. It is heat, water, and chemical resistant, and its shelf life is very long.






Teflon has the property to bear extreme heat as well as cold. This property of Teflon makes it last long even if directly exposed to extreme temperatures. Teflon will be a great choice for your car regardless of whether you live at the equator or the poles. Its physical properties remain the same even at extreme temperatures.




Teflon coating protects your vehicle from minor scratches and swirl marks. It will also fill up minor dents over your car body caused by the dust and gravel particles. Whether you are applying it to a new car or a used one, it will restore the sign of your car paint. Teflon coating provides a new life to used vehicles and also increases their life expectancy.




Teflon is a non-flammable substance which means it makes the vehicle parts having Teflon coating fire-resistant. It is fire resistant due to its property to withstand extremely high temperatures. All the vehicle parts with Teflon coating will not catch fire unless the Teflon coating breaks and transfers the heat.




Teflon coating has repellent properties which means it repels dust particles, mud, and water. It is a non-stick coating, and hence the dust particles will not stick over it. Teflon coating can increase the shelf life of vehicle parts that get damaged due to mud or water like the wheel rims or the underbody and axles


Underbody protection


Teflon coating


As we just now saw that Teflon coating is water and dust resistant, this property helps to protect the underbody of a vehicle. Vehicle underbody gets damaged due to high-speed gravel particles, moist mud, and water. Vehicle underbody easily comes in contact with these objects when a person drives his vehicle. Teflon coating provides a protective covering that protects the car and the underbody from these objects.


Peaceful cabin


It is an indirect benefit that you will get by applying Teflon coating, especially to the vehicle underbody. Teflon itself has no such property to absorb sound, but it helps to reduce noise. Its application to the underbody makes the sound waves travel through one more layer to enter the cabin. This increment in the layer will reduce the energy of sound waves, and you will experience a somewhat more peaceful car cabin.


Electrical insulation


The complex structure of Teflon provides another property to it, and that is Teflon is electrically an insulator. Being an insulator means it will not allow the electric current to pass through it. This property provides you even more protection.


Disadvantages of Teflon coating


Well, there are no direct disadvantages of Teflon coating unless and until your service provider provides your vehicle actual Teflon coating.

A one-time application of Teflon coating is not expensive and will cost you around Rs. 5000 to 7000. The only downside of Teflon coating is that it requires multiple applications from time to time for better protection. Hence multiple applications increase the overall cost.

Apart from this, your service provider may even cheat you. There might be a possibility that the service provider may apply wax and machine polish to your vehicle. This procedure will also deliver the same result as Teflon coating but for a short period. Lack of quality work will make you believe that Teflon coating is useless and has no such benefits as mentioned above.




Teflon has become extensively popular in the automotive industry due to its repellent and paint protection properties. Teflon coating can revive the looks of your car and give a new life to it. Teflon is basically the name of a brand, and the coat is of PTFT (polytetrafluoroethylene). Mainly two different types of Teflon coatings are available in the market: one coat PTFT and two coat PTFT. The latter one consists of one primer coat and another topcoat.

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