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What to do if your car stops midway?

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Nothing can be worse than an engine seizure in between tight traffic. It is no less than a nightmare to every rider. If the car engine stops while you are driving at high speed, it could prove fatal also. 

It is rather embarrassing when the engine stops in a long traffic queue. Very soon, there will be a bunch of people shouting to get your car aside.

Here are some possible reasons due to which your car engine stops.


1.Engine overheating


Driving continuously for hours or driving in very tight traffic can cause engine overheating. Engine overheating will cause engine seizure, and your car will stop.

Now there are a lot of possible reasons for engine overheating.


Reasons for engine overheating

  • Leakage in the cooling system
  • Coolant below the minimum level
  • Radiator fan not working properly
  • Broken water pump
  • Clogged coolant hose


These five are the most probable reasons for engine overheating.


Solution for engine overheating

  • In case of engine overheating due to insufficient coolant, a quick top-up can help protect your engine from further overheating.
  • Check for the water level; if the water level is low then, fill up to the required mark.
  • In any other case, you have to tow your car to the nearest garage. If you don’t have contacts of any towing company, book a service at www.mekvahan.com, and we will pick your vehicle from wherever it is.


2.Low engine oil


The second probable reason is low engine oil. There could be leakage due to which the engine oil level has fallen below the minimum required.

Friction between the moving parts of the engine will also increase due to low engine oil.

It will eventually lead to the breakdown of those engine parts, and hence the engine will stop.



Check for the engine oil level, and refill it if it is below the minimum level. If you know how to change engine oil by yourself, then do it. If you are unaware of the engine oil change, book service at www.mekvahan.com, and we will also check for any leakages.


3.Low transmission fluid


The third one on our list is low transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is helpful for the smooth working of gears. A low level of transmission fluid can increase friction between the working parts of the gearbox. This friction will then cause gear slippage, and in addition to this, your car will stop.


Signs of low transmission fluid


  • Noises

Transmission noise indicates that the fluid level is getting low. Manual transmission makes louder noises as compared to an automatic transmission.


  • Transmission fluid leakage

Transmission fluid is generally red. So if you find red fluid leakage, then this is your transmission fluid. Top up your transmission fluid and check for any leakage.


  • Gear slippage

Gear slippage here is another indication of low transmission fluid. You will notice a grinding sensation when this occurs. So, better to look out for the issue before it gets worse.


  • Burning smell

Although the burning smell is a more diverse symptom, it may be coming from the transmission.


4.Alternator issue


An alternator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. In case of a faulty alternator, it will fail to deliver the electric charge to the engine system. This shortage of electricity to the engine system will lead to the stoppage of the engine.


Signs of faulty Alternator

  • Dim lights

A faulty alternator will not be able to convert the required amount of electric charge. Your instrument cluster lights, headlights will get dim due to the insufficient electric current.


  • Malfunctioning accessories

A faulty alternator will lead to the slowing down of accessories. Your car power windows will take longer than usual to roll up or down, or your radio system will not work.


5.Bad catalytic converter


A catalytic converter converts most of the harmful gases of exhaust to some less harmful ones. If the catalytic converter fails to work, these gases, including carbon, will accumulate at the converter. This accumulation will lead to a blockage, and eventually, your engine will stop working.


Signs of a faulty catalytic converter

  • Engine stalling more frequently
  • Dark exhaust smoke
  • Lower engine performance


6.Fuel problem


Another most common problem is fuel leakage or blockage of fuel pipes. If your engine doesn’t get the required fuel, it will stop working. The fuel leakage can be due to a small hole in the fuel tank, or it could be due to a leakage in fuel injectors.



In case of fuel leakage, there is only one solution: take your car to a service center. They will check for the leakages and repair them.


7.Broken drive/ Serpentine belt


The serpentine belt is also known as the drive belt. It connects components such as the alternator, power steering, etc., to the crankshaft. This crankshaft is responsible for delivering power to the alternator via this serpentine belt.

If the drive belt breaks, the alternator will not work, and your car engine will stop working. Your car will not stop immediately, but it could happen anytime between 20 minutes to 90 minutes as the engine will overheat within this time.


Signs of a broken drive belt

  • Power steering not working
  • AC not working
  • Loud squeaking and knocking noises



You have to replace the faulty drive belt with a new one. Your car might start, and you will be able to drive to the nearest garage.




These are some of the steps that you can take in case your car stops midway. There could be other issues also, but these are the most probable issues.

No need to panic; get some help from passerby people even if you are stuck in between the lanes. Get your car aside, and then check for any of these. Check for the battery connections; in most cases, the battery connections are loose.

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