Most common problems with Electric vehicles

Common problems with Electric vehicles

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 Buying any Electric vehicles comes with its own set of risks and issues. You might be pleased with the lower operation cost, but the anxiety it gives is hard to deal with. You will find it hard to adjust with the low riding range and finding charging points.

So if you are planning to buy an electric vehicle, you should be aware of these common Electric vehicles.


1.Range Anxiety


Moving from a fuel-driven vehicle to electric is not easy. The driving range will bind you, and you will be constantly worried about your vehicle’s battery life. This distress will give you a lot of range anxiety.

Although manufacturers claim the driving range, the actual driving range depends upon several factors like the terrain, driving habits, etc. Moving on to an EV, the driving range is usually cut down by half or even more. There are few EVs that provide a higher driving range of around 500 km or 600 km. They aren’t cheap, and everyone can’t afford them. But only for city driving, these EVs are better than fuel-driven cars as you don’t have to drive much, so no range anxiety.

If you plan a road trip by an EV, check everything like the availability of charging points, etc. Otherwise, you will be left midway with a dead battery.


2.High risk of fire


These electric vehicles operate on the electric charge stored in the batteries. Instead of providing one single battery, manufacturers separate these batteries into smaller cells. Fire-resistant substances, also known as firewalls, separate these battery cells from each other. The purpose of these firewalls is to protect the battery cells from fire, and in case one cell is on fire, this firewall will stop the fire from reaching other cells.

The EV battery’s components are highly flammable and can catch fire easily. These EV batteries have a lower operational temperature range of around 15°c to 45°c. The temperature in India varies greatly and exceeds both upper and lower limits so, there are several chances of fire.

Many manufacturers are trying to build less-flammable batteries which produce fewer harmful chemicals.

The other issue is that if the battery once catches fire, it is difficult to extinguish. The fire is of electrical type, and water will not work over it. A battery fire will need numerous fire suppressants, so by the time; someone will extinguish the fire, your EV will be nothing more than a scrap.

Charging issues

Another noticing issue is the charging issue. You might purchase an EV, but what about the charging points. Well, there are very few charging points available across the country. Moreover, these charging points are available only in metro cities, and if you head towards town or even highways, you will find none.

The charging time is another issue. You may find the charging point, then also you have to wait for hours to get your EV battery enough charged to cover the further distance.

In an emergency, your EV may discharge, so having a car will be of no use.

The chances of the short circuit also increase when swapping from a fuel-driven to EV. As everything is electrical, there are several possibilities of a short circuit. Also, the charger may break or be found faulty. This issue will leave you with no options, or what if you forget your EV charger. So these are the limitations of an EV.


3.Battery lifespan


Battery lifespan will also make you worried. Although it is not an instant problem, you will face it ultimately. Every battery loses its capacity over time. The components of a battery degrade with time. This degradation means over time, EV will deliver a lesser driving range.

Although the degradation of an EV battery is a slow process, it is still likely to happen. You have no control over them. If it is to happen, it will happen.

You can take precautions to make this deterioration process take longer, but you can’t eliminate it.

Replacing any battery will be very tough for your pocket. It will cost you thousands of rupees and a lot of time for a replacement.


4.Lack of trained mechanics


Every vehicle, whether fuel-driven or an EV, needs timely service and maintenance. Authorized service centers are scarce and are also very expensive. The electric vehicle market is still developing, and in the Indian market, it is establishing. So finding trained mechanics that can deliver quality work is very hard.

Lack of maintenance and timely service will lead to decreasing battery life.

You may face many issues like your EV not starting or has stopped midway. In the lack of trained mechanics, you have to tow your car to the nearest authorized service center and what, if it is Sunday? This issue will leave you with no option. So, in each case, your bills will increase, and you will have the second thought that you might have better purchased a fuel-driven vehicle.


The list doesn’t stop here. Apart from all these general issues, other issues are also there. These are technology-based issues and are not much prevalent yet but are worth mentioning.

Manufacturers are making EVs more and more hi-tech. This hike in technology means someone can hack your EV easily, and you will lose control over it.

Yes! Hacking a car is very much possible. In 2016 a China-based company hacked a Tesla Model S. This shows the very possibility of cars getting hacked.

This issue is not only in the case of EVs. A tech-based company can hack any high-tech car. This issue is more prevalent in EVs as these vehicles are getting high-tech.



So, if you are planning to buy an electric vehicle, you should be aware of these general issues. You can’t eliminate the problem, but you may reduce the outcomes. ELECTRIC VEHICLE

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