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Pravaig E-Car: Expected price, launch date, specs, and features

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Pravaig is a Bangalore-based electric vehicle start-up. The company unveiled its first electric car, Extinction MK 1 in December 2020. It has planned to manufacture around 250 units per month every year starting from 2021.Pravaig Dynamics claims that Extinction MK 1 can cover more than 500 km in a single charge. With this announcement, the company had become the first Indian EV maker to claim such a huge range. The company is working upon launch Pravaig E-Car.

The company also claims that Extinction MK1 can charge up to 80 percent within 30 min. Pravaig Dynamic will initially launch the car in cities like Delhi and Bangalore.

Expected price of Pravaig Extinction 1: Not yet revealed

Expected launch date of Pravaig Extinction 1: December 2021


  • The car will have 2.5Pm filters, and the company claims that it will reduce the Carbon Dioxide emission up to 10 times.
  • Extinction MK1 features reclinable rear seats for better comfort.
  • It is equipped with an automatic transmission with drive selection via buttons.
  • Although the prototype has only two doors, the original product will have four doors.
  • It will also have a massive center armrest between the rear passenger seats.

This armrest will have some storage area and a fold-away tray like the one in aircraft.

  • It also features overhead aircraft-style controls and a simple LCD instrument cluster. Although in the original model, these overhead controls might not be available.
  • Both front and rear disc brakes
  • The car’s exterior will be clean, and doors will have flush-fitting door handles.
  • In the actual model, electrically adjustable seats will be available.


  • Extinction MK1 equips with a 96kWh battery which will deliver a max of 202hp.
  • As claimed by the company, this battery will deliver a driving range of over 500kms.
  • The battery type will be lithium-ion.
  • The car will also have an impressive acceleration of 0-100 kmph in just 5.4s.
  • The ground clearance will be over 200mm.
  • According to the company, the final product will have a max speed of 196 kmph.
  • Its body will be made of aviation-grade, fiber-reinforced plastic to make the car more durable and lightweight.
  • The battery develops a max torque of 300Nm.
  • The kerb weight of the final product will be around 2,000 kg.
  • For safety, the car will equip with eight airbags.

Final Words

Pravaig Extinction MK1 will be available from the end of 2021 only on a subscription, taxi, or lease basis. The company says that this will decrease the cost of ownership, pollution, and also the cost of maintenance.

Pravaig Dynamics will also launch SUV and ATV after this sedan. According to the company, there will be no dealerships, and only online booking will be available.

The company will open service centers in different cities according to the needs.

Extinction Dynamics is a truly made-in-India electric car.

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